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    Hello guys,

    I am currently researching 2 relatives who served in WW2. One, Robert Jellyman, served with the 1st Royal Fusiliers in Italy, and second, Archie Bold Edward Sherry, served with 1st KOSB.

    With this topic I hope to bring to life, the story of Archie and his fellow friends in the 1st KOSB. I have just started researching Archie, so at the minute have just the briefest of information, but I hope you guys can help me find pictures and even other articles about the 1st KOSB. The following is the information I have acquired:

    The 1st KOSB, crossed the English Channel in 1939, attached to the 3rd British Infantry Division. The 1st KOSB, were part of B.E.F (British Expeditionary Force). In May 1940, the battalion moved into Belgium shortly after the Germans launched their Offensive in the West. After small skirmishes in Belgium, the 1st KOSB were ordered to withdraw from Belgium. The rapid German advance gave the 1st KOSB no breathing space, and they were eventually pushed back to Dunkirk alongside many other units.

    Archie was evacuated from Dunkirk with his friend, Teddy Davidson, who had, had his one of his legs blown off.

    For the next 4 years the 1st KOSB would continue to train in England. In 1944, Archie joined hundreds of thousand other Allied soldiers in Operation Overlord. He landed on SWORD beach, and begun to push inland to Caen. The 1st KOSB fought in the area of Caen, till the city fell into Allied hands. The 1st KOSB then joined other British units in the advance to the German border.

    The 1st KOSB fought in Belgium and Holland, before entering Germany in 1945.

    If anyone else has any more information, please share it in the topic! Any pictures please also share!

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you will join me to bring to life, the story of Archie and the 1st KOSB.

    Ben McGregor

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