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Discussion in 'British Indian Army' started by s t, May 3, 2020.

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    Guys this is a photo from my nans old stuff and I am unsure who he is however he is one of only a few old pics so any help would be great thanks unknown nans.jpg
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    Captains's in the British & I think Commonwealth armies had three stars or "pips" on their shoulders in WW2, as shown here.

    The badge looks like the Royal Engineers except for the middle, which if British RE should have the GviR cypher, and this one looks more like a star. Maybe a variant from the Commonwealth Forces ?

    It looks like a late WW2 photo as the medal ribbon on the far right as we look at it seems to be the Africa Star, where the ribbon only was issued late 1943 onward, and the one next to it maybe the 1939 - 1943 Star, again ribbon only issued late 1943 onward. The medal was eventually issued as the 1939-45 Star.

    He then has nearest to his buttons another medal ribbon, which if he is wearing them in order could be a campaign medal for a pre ww2 campaign (poss the India General Service Medal), indicating he may have been a regular soldier at the outbreak of WW2.

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    thanks guys I now need to find out his name no one in the remaining family recognise him
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    Would there be a list of captain in this regiment as I may by scanning through the surnames find a family match

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    Yes, try the Indian Army Lists. There are several copies available online.
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    Thank you
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    guys i still need help on this possibly a great uncle with the surname Smith which is making it difficult a few names as possible are Edward or frederick cant seem to find anything on the pic

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