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    In September 2017 I’ve visited Vienna and have found all the main sites, historically famous because of the Anschluss of Vienna in 1938. I share 100+ modern photos, archive photos, history of the sites in Vienna and Linz.

    Anschluss of Austria 1938: Historical sites then and now

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    Thanks for posting this picture-Show.

    Even today, you will find moderate and well educated Austrians (at least outside Vienna) who would argue: Oh my god, but we had no choice.
    To be fair, I often asked myself: What would I have done in 1938?
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    'The majority of the Austrian population welcomed Hitler because for them it was a big event, the German chancellor invading Austria and coming here and bringing all those new promises of the Nazis, because Austria at that time was a very poor country.

    'The second reason was a very Austrian one. In Austria anti-Semitism was even deeper rooted than in Germany. Vienna had a Jewish population of around 11 per cent. And as soon as the German soldiers arrived in Vienna you had an outbreak of the worst anti-Semitic pogroms you ever had seen in central Europe since the Middle Ages.'
    Austria struggles to come to grips with Nazi past


    Anschluss - Wikipedia
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    After the war, everyone made up their own exculpation legends:
    In West Germany, the unfortunate affair was settled with the Nuremberg verdicts
    in East Germany there were only anti-fascist resistance fighters anyway
    and Austria was the first victim of Hitler....

    and nobody was involved, nobody was in favor and nobody knew anything....
    I'd rather not say anything more about it...
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    Mums the word
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