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    My aunty Ann Stewart Duncan born on 07/07/1920 in Harris, served somewhere during WW2 and apparently went through the Newbattle College just outside Edinburgh before leaving for England. I do not know much more than tht but have one photo of her in uniform which is attached. Can anyone help me or at least point me in the right direction? Many thanks in adavnce.

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    The ATS being the Auxiliary Territorial Service. A starting point being: Auxiliary Territorial Service - Wikipedia Note it was originally volunteers and then conscription applied to unmarried women. All manner of roles and my late mother served at an ordnance factory in Nottingham - no idea what her role was, except it was in uniform.

    Is this her book? See: Private thoughts made Public by Ann S. Higgins (Ann Stewart Duncan): Near Fine Paperback (1980) First Edition | Book Bungalow Privately published book (200 copies) and of poetry. See: Ann S. Higgins, Private Thoughts Made Public (1980) | Publications | The Tragara Press
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    Hello David and you are spot on - it is her book! Bravo!
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    Me again David and it is and was published perhaps a year before she died. Poetry...
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    The lighter coloured badge she wears on the left of her uniform will be that of the army Corps or regiment she was attached to eg RASC, RE, RA.

    No 1 ATS Officer Cadet Training Unit is believed to have been at Craigmillar, Edinburgh. Discussed in a couple of other threads on the forum.


    ATS training: NCO, WOSB (OCTU)

    In 1942 the two ATS OCTU's were at Edinburgh & Windsor.

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