Angola 1976 trial of british mercenaries

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    Hello Verrieres,

    If you are still posting here I would be interested in other articles you have on this incident. I'm especially interested in any material you have on Callan, the trial in Luanda , news paper clippings, TV news etc. I was an Army cadet with 3RRF in north london in the late seventies and we had at least one bloke who had been a member of our unit who went there via John Banks. I've read Dave's book "Fire Power" but info on this little piece of history is quite sparse. You can email me direct on xxxx or post here. Thanks in advance ~ Camp

    Try The Modern Mercenary (Dog of War or Soldier of Honour?) by Peter Tinkler it should tell you all you need to know.When posting this thread I did not take into consideration how relatively recent these events were nor the consequences/feelings for the families involved and what painfull memories it brought up once again.I have apologised in private to those concerned and do so publically here. I am sorry but I do not wish to post either privately or on any forum details which relate to these events/times.Sorry.
    Best Wishes
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