Allied Military Hospitals in Egypt

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    Please excuse my ignorance of army matters - my usual area of research is Air Force related. Can anyone tell me the exact location of a military hospital in Heliopolis, Egypt between 23rd June 1941 and 30th July 1941. I am trying to track a Polish soldier who was located there between those dates, probably wounded in attempts to relieve the Siege at Tobruk. Many thanks
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    It seems you have a few General hospitals at least to chose from.

    From Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders

    7 British General Hospital
    Cairo 13/6/41 to 31/7/41 then disbanded.

    9 British General Hospital
    Cairo 19/9/40 to 12/43 and then to Knutsford;

    15 British General Hospital
    Cairo 10/40 to 31/1/46 then disbanded.

    63 British General Hospital
    Cairo (Helmiah) 1/9/39 to 31/12/46 and still open at time of list.

    Cemetery Details | CWGC
    Cairo was also a significant hospital centre during the Second World War, as well as a leave centre with many social clubs and hostels. The cemetery at Heliopolis was opened in October 1941 for burials from the many hospitals in the area coping with the wounded and sick, mainly from the Western Desert campaigns.
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    Thank you dbf. There is a photograph of the man I am trying to trace and the hospital I am trying to trace is named but the handwriting is near illegible but includes the number 9. So the second one on your list seems like a good place to start.
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