Allied escapers sheltered by the Italians - a talk

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    For those with some time on their hands, I gave a talk recently to the South African Military History Society on the above subject. I was explaining the work of the Monte San Martino Trust, of which I am a Trustee, which involved setting out the background history first. There were two sessions (to stay within the free Zoom 40 minutes) and a Q&A at the end.
    First session:
    Second session:
    Post-talk discussion:


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    Couldn't get into the last one, Anne.
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    It worked! Many thanks.
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    The San Martino Trust has placed a notice on the South African Military History Society website for a Zoom webinar on Sunday 31/10/2021, which may be of interest (found by chance) and the text explains:
    For details see and scroll down a little: NEWSLETTER - OCTOBER 2021 2021 - Johannesburg - South African Military History Society - Title page and it is free tickets via:
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    I will be there.

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