All The George Crosses of World War Two

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    All added in post 83. I took the liberty of using one of your general shots of the cemetery too, I trust you don't mind.



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    My Great Uncle James Ratcliffe was awarded the George Cross but on the website it didn't have his name. he was awarded it for delousing 96 unexploded bombs that feel on a German prison camp.
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    130652 Temporay Captain James Moore Ratcliffe of The Middlesex Regiment was awarded a George Medal for bomb disposal while he was a prisoner of war on 24th August 1944. He got a DSO too ;)

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    Kenneth Horsfield

    Title/Rank: Corporal

    Unit/Occupation: The Manchester Regiment, attached Special Air Service

    Awarded: Date unknown

    Nationality: British

    Date and Place of GC Action: 18th August 1944, Brindisi or Bari, Italy

    The citation in the London Gazette of 23rd March 1945, gives the following particulars:

    No citation listed or found.

    Circumstances of Horsfield’s George Cross:

    Additional Information:

    Horsfield enlisted in 1939 and also fought in North Africa.

    CWGC :: Certificate :poppy:

    Supplied by EnglandPhil
    Bari War Cemetery
    All the known information about Kenneth Horsfield, including the citation,apart from that unknown source used by Captain Bonner, is shown at Kenneth Horsfield GC, increasingly the assertion that he was in the SAS begins to look baseless. SAS has no such records and it doesn't make much sense, even if this was war time.

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