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    just a quick question .. in the 1946 at the end of the war would albert leo schlageters memorials have been destroyed and would that have been a prize for soldiers to send home .....say parts of his memorial would they have made good trophys and would they have any collector value now in this time and why was they destroyed as he didn't have anything to bo with the nazi then last is there a group in Germany today who would now the history or a link to a german group of nationalist .................
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    yes it is
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    yes that him
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    All these memorials to Nazism and associated personalities were destroyed after the war.These memorials were usually constructed in stone,although there may have have been plaques that may have been transportable.

    Schlageter was regarded by the Nazis as a most important martyr..he was an officer in the Rossbach Freikorps and was active in opposing French authorities in their zone of occupation following the Great War.He was tried for espionage and sabotage and executed on 26 May 1923.

    Schlageter was seen as Nazi hero and a memorial was erected to his memory in 1931.He even had a song composed to his memory entitled the Albert Leo Schlageter War Song.
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    Schlageter is an oddity....he was ALSO claimed by the German Communist Party as a Communist hero!
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    ah well he must have been well liked everyone claims him
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    Well if you mean that the Nazis liked him,that is true but only as a symbol for the building of foundation block of the NSDAP,ie,Nazis.The man became a martyr in Hitler's struggle in opposing the Versailles Treaty and the emergence of the Weimar Republic.

    The other marked incident was the ill fated Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 when 16 of Hitler's followers were killed by the Munich police in the attempt to bring down the Weimar government.From this attempt at a coup d'etat.Hitler was imprisoned at Landsberg along with his cohorts and while in Landsberg dedicated the first volume of Mein Kampf to the 16 martyrs.Later an elaborate garden memorial,in which the 16 dead were interred was erected in Munich.Post war the memorial was dismantled and the dead were exhumed and relocated to accepted grave locations.

    Later in 1930,Horst Wessel,a Nazi activist was killed in a Berlin brawl in February 1930,he was no paragon and it has been reported that he was no more than a pimp.However his deed to the party was to write the lyrics for the Horst Wessel Leid, a song which was adopted by the Nazis and became virtually a national anthem alongside Deutschland uber Alles.He too became a tool of Nazi propaganda and was elevated to a prominent martyr of the Third Reich.

    Overall the deaths of the early followers of Nazism were to serve the party propaganda machine far in excess of what they achieved in life.
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    thanks mate good read I am just following some leads .......mate on a object that's all looking for the answer thanks

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