Aiden Asquith BYRNE, MC, Royal Army Medical Corps

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    Captain Aiden Asquith Byrne, Royal Army Medical Corps, was awarded the Military Cross.
    On the night of June 14th, 1942, this officer proceeded with his section and an ambulance car with an infantry column in an endeavour to break through the enemy lines to the west of the Brigade “box”.

    Emerging through the “Stanley Gap”, which was then under heavy shellfire, the section under Captain Byrne picked up and attended to wounded occasioned by the shelling and they were placed on the ambulance car which accompanied the section.

    Soon after this the ambulance car ran on to one of our own minefields in the dark. Captain Byrne, who was travelling on another vehicle, immediately went on to the minefield and assisted in extricating the patients from the vehicle, and he then marked a way out of the minefield along which patients could be brought, and led them to safety.

    Captain Byrne was born in Dublin.

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