Adolf Hitler descended from a Jew?

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    I was a little apprehensive when I saw the title of this recently published book: Bloodline, by Robert Hernstein. It was the subtitle that grabbed my attention: “the story of Adolf Hitler’s Jewish roots.”
    It’s a novel, but the author claims it to be fact told as fiction.

    I’d never heard about Adolf Hitler having Jewish ancestry and more than anything, I was intrigued. I needed to know what Hernstein was on about.

    I must say, it was a cracking read. Hidden behind the title is a story of intrigue, tragic love and betrayal. The deeper you go, the more it sucks you in and the more you want to know. There is revelation upon revelation and surprise heaped upon surprise as Hernstein keeps the reader guessing almost up to the final page. He weaves his way back and forth through a good chunk of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the reader holds on tight as the roller coaster gathers speed. There are wonderful insights into a lost and forgotten world where women were held in low esteem and knew their place, and men, of course, were men.

    We witness the rumblings of dissent towards Europe’s Jews, gathering strength for the rabid dog of anti-semitism to be unleashed and we are given a ringside seat as Hitler’s father becomes embroiled in the early inklings of German nationalism. There’s graphic violence, but only a little, enough I suppose to make the point. There’s some graphic sex too. Hernstein uses it to reinforce the crazed animal that Hitler’s father was turning into. This transformation from an affable naive boy to a womanising, alcoholic brute who delights on venting his wrath on his children and his long-suffering wives is almost astonishing. As the author states: perhaps it goes some way to explaining the man that Adolf Hitler became.

    Refreshingly, Hernstein does not get hung up on the whole Hitler thing whereby the Nazi leader must always be portrayed as a complete madman, anything less being politically incorrect. We get an insight into him as a normal child and to some extent as a mature adult and it does indeed go some way to helping the reader understand the man that Adolf Hitler became.

    Most of all, I needed to know: is it true? I’ve been checking out many of the scenarios, the names and the places and there seems to be more than a grain of truth in what he writes.

    It is only available as an ebook on Amazon, but at least it is well within the tightest budget at $8.99. It is 435 pages long (depending on what platform you read it on). I have to say, it did not seem that long and I wanted more, I didn't want it to end.

    I can only recommend this book. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough!
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    ;) Are you Robert Hernstein ? This is the third time I`ve read this identical text in half an hour there`s two over on Armchair General too? HHHmmmmmmmmm or are you really a Leprechaun causing a little mischief :)

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    I'm no english native speaker, but somehow making it the title "Hitler descended from a Jew" sounds more annoying and thé-Jew-accusational-supporting than for example "Hitler appears to have jewish ancestry".
    Don't you agree ?

    Besides, if I can be related to Barack Obama and Pope John-paul II in 10 steps , isn't it easier to have Hitler related to an austrian jew in 2 steps ?

    on a side note: I read in a german article that last year there were about 200 new (german) book titles with Hitler being the subject.
    More so than in each of the past 20 years.
    They explain it that the current german young readers didnot "grow up" with Hitler and would like to know more about this character as their (grand)parents do not want to talk about it (or already have deceased..duh).
    If they are all like Hernsteins, i suppose some of them feature zombies too ( the interest of the young readers...and sales..)
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    Where is the pot of gold
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    I am so pleased this book is only available in ebook format.
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    good day leprechaun.m.yesterday,11:05am.#1.adolf hitler decendent from a jew,?it is not so far fetched.there were 6 million jews in pre war germany.they must have mixed together over the years,but i must agree with von poop #2, :) regards bernard85
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    The story is as old as WWII : I remember that I read it some 30 years ago and 30 years ago,it was crap,and it is still crap .
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    Hm :there were 600000 Jews in Germany,but Adolf was Austrian .
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    Apart from the age weary story of the title.
    if a person would like to peddle their wares ,they should PM the Governor (vP) and ,as they say in the trade run it past him.
    Not put out such an obvious sales pitch.

    Grey Wolf
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    "Order now and get a free stuffed Meerkat toy"
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    This thread is reminding me of the one some time ago about the chap who captured the Tiger tank......say no more!
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    The World at War series from the 1970s will be starting again, this Sunday I think ? so maybe it was on there, or on one of my many videos that I have about WW2. Hitler had apparently heard many rumours of his Jewish ancestry, and so had his fathers house destroyed with any kind of evidence just as soon as his father died. I remember that was shown on one such programme, also, though I may be slightly wrong here ? Hitler was the product of incest. I recently acquired a working video recorder, so will have to start going through my hundred plus tapes, a labour of love...?
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    I give you a line or two from Chapter 3 of the Journalist biographer of Hitler in the thirties, Konrad Heiden.

    "There are Jewish Hitlers, though the name is rather rare. This lead to a search for a Jewish strain in Adolf Hitler. There is no proof, however; all the facts and internal evidence at our disposal argue against the idea."

    This is the only time the subject is ever mentioned in the entire work. Having disposed of that myth, there are others concerning Adolfus's (name at birth) father, Alois. You describe him as "being drawn toward German Nationalism." Consider this then, from Heiden again...

    "His father was a short tempered old man, grown prematurely inactive. He had fought a bitter struggle with life, and made the hardest of sacrifices, and in the end things had not gone according to his will. He goes walking about Leonding, usually holding his gold-bordered velvet cap in his hands, looks after his bees, leans against the fence, chats rather laconically with his neighbours. He looks on as a friend erects a little saw mill and sourly remarks; such are the times, the little fellows are coming up, the big ones going down. His lungs are affected, he coughs and occasionally spits blood. In political conversations it develops that he 'can't stomach the Prussians'; he is of extremely Austrian mind, a witness relates."

    Painting Alois as domineering is most certainly true. However, once he died, the family "disintegrated", proving that this domineering attitude was absolutely necessary. Had he lived ten more years, or even five, Alois would have seen to it that Adolfus not only finished his education to a satisfactory conclusion, but steered him away from the lotus eating and idleness that plagued him as a young man.

    Adolf's father was a stabilizing influence. His departure caused a move by the family away from the provincial life that they all were accustomed to, and into a town where they knew no-one. It is this change, more than anything else, that gave Adolf the means he needed to fritter away his opportunities, and become a dreamer, hopelessly addicted to an artistic ideal that he could never live up to.

    Konrad Heiden's biography of Hitler is not self serving. It explains exactly how his contemporaries saw him. If you want to read something about Adolf's 'lotus years', pick up a copy of August Kubcieks "The Young Hitler I Knew". It makes a great companion piece to Heiden. Both of these men asked no favours from Hitler, or from National Socialism
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    BTW, little Freind...

    Klara Pozl was a second cousin of Alois. Their marriage required special dispensation from the Catholic Church.

    If their union was incestuous, the Church would have quashed it. Klara had no husband, Alois took her in. Their relationship grew. Alois's wife died, and the maid became the lady of the house.

    There is such a lot of nonsence written about Adolfus Hitler, (he never did use the name Shicklegruber). He was not Jewish. He was not the product of incest. He had both testicles. He was lazy, but by no means a poor student. He did not suffer from syphilis. His sexual activity was normal with Eva Braun, though his relationships with women were typically distant for a man of his day.

    I have no admiration for Adolfus. But I do have an admiration for a record of the past that is as close to the truth as the sources will be able to convey.
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    Sorry Little Freind....

    Just re-reading Heiden, to clarify the nature of hitler's geneology. It states...

    "Thus from 1876 on, Adolf Hitler's faher bore the name of Hitler; the future Chancellor was thus entitled to his name from birth. Georg Heidler acknowleged paternity in legally adequate form; and Alois actually bore his name during most of his life. His famous son, Adolf Hitler himself, was never called Schicklegruber. The obscure spot in his ancestry indicates in all likelyhood not a strain of outside, hence concievably foreign origin, but an incestuous mixture within his own family. The degree of this incest can only be surmised."

    Thus, the Catholic Church dispensed marriage for Alois and Klara, waving aside touches of incest from Alois's Heidler background. Between Alois and Klara, the Church ruled their relationship a "collateral relationship of the third degree, bordering on the second."

    Officially, then, their relationship bordered on incest, without actually crossing that boundary.

    Sorry 'bout that. Just had to clarify.
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    Many thanks for all that information Drusus Nero, very interesting ! Regards the incest part, I did mention that I may be wrong about that ! It was many years ago that I watched these tape recordings, though now with my newly acquired video player....
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    Hitler was actually a Jack Russel terrier. :) , he was not Jewish. IMG_2555.JPG
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