A study of 10388 known Allied tank casualties in WW11(TM ORO-T-117)

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    An interesting study here of Operation Research findings into the causation of tank losses.

    "Panzerfaust is the worst weapon we have encountered in the exploitation of war. It will go through any US tank, and can be handled by even an inexperienced individual. It is the only weapon that is getting our tanks today" (Colonel W L Roberts US 4th US Armoured Division.21 April 1945)

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    Link should should be sufficient...https://www.alternatewars.com/BBOW/Ballistics/Term/ORO-T-117_Allied_Tank_Casualties_WW2.pdf
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    Great stuff, Harry.
    Enjoying all the graphical charts etc., if 'enjoy' is the right word.
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    I like the comment on page 13
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    The first thing I thought was that this paper is going to be very interesting to read in depth. Then I noted that the Operations Research was undertaken by the John Hopkins University of Maryland.

    This organisation as far as I have read has earned much kudos for from their present work in the accurate reporting of the Covid 19 outbreak in the US.

    As this paper shows, regarding tank crew losses, the risk of death was on par with those losses sustained by Bomber Command aircrew.

    Adam.... all engineers usually are interested in graphics...trending in dynamic situations and attempting to anticipate the end game. Trending from graphics seems to be much favoured by HM Government in these difficult times.
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    It was done in 1951 and gives an overview of the situation and in no way is it to be taken as definitive. Treat it as a Wiki type primer. From what I can gather it was used/designed to validate the NATO belief that a few super-tanks could blunt the massive Soviet tank superiority. This gave legs to the Uber-Panzer explosion in western military writing that sustained the Uber-Panzer myths.
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    I enjoyed the article and am also curious about the object in front of the cart. Could it be leather chaise lounge?
    Sort of Bauhaus looking. It probably isn't but I wonder what it could be.

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    I think it's just a standard fabric-covered chair with one arm rest broken off. The backrest is on the right, and the seat is on the left.

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