A Naval officers jacket and trousers and medals.

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by James S, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. James S

    James S Very Senior Member

    I found these on eBay two weeks ago, not in any way "rare" but a jacket I was looking for and this one was fine.
    Checking eBay's wee " reminders" it became evident that the same officer's medals and some photos were also for sale as a separate lot.
    Rather than see them lost to each other I obtained both, probably paid just a little too much on the medals but worth it to keep them together.
    The lady selling them got them in a local auction but was more than happy they stayed together, selling them as two lost probably best from the selling aspect.
    The medals, the packaging, listing note, full size and miniature set bars to Atlantic, Pacific, and Germany.
    Photos of the gentleman and fellow officers & crew.
    The cap I have had for some years but it will match in okay, always feel sorry to see things which belong together being broken up and to see a man's service being fragmented and scattered.

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  2. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Congratulations on acquiring the items. Always good to keep things together, although often ends up being a bit expensive.
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  3. hucks216

    hucks216 Member

    Nice medical officers set.
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  4. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Also good to see the three emblem rosettes on the ribbons confirmed on the medal slip.
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  5. Hugh MacLean

    Hugh MacLean Senior Member

    Looks more like an engineer to me.
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  6. hucks216

    hucks216 Member

    Yep, my bad. For some reason I saw the colour red.
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  7. James S

    James S Very Senior Member

    Yes, the gent was an engineer, the note asking him to be senior officer in the group coming home from the USA confirms that and as Hugh spotted the red colour band in the cuff.
    When this CV19 clears up ( hope I am still here !!) I will get a minor repair done on the trouser pockets and will by them have the jacket pressed and reshaped. Buying the medals was something of an act of conscience, a good a few years ago a militaria dealer whom I know ( A gentlemen called Gordon Turnbull) was talking to a father and son at a small collector fair in N.Ireland. The young man was asking him about some medals he had for sale, he described them well and told him what they were for ( a group of British WW2 medals) , he said rightly that he felt sad having them for sale as they were an account and a reminder of a brave man's service in time of war and the price he was asking was in no way a true value of what they were worth if indeed this could ever be converted into "money".
    A different dealer in a different place waved his hand over a similar medal group, "just something I have for sale" perhaps did not mean it but this was how it came across.
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  8. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    The colour band is actually purple, which as Hugh says denotes an Engineer. Marine Engineer was purple, Electrical Engineer was green and Ordnance Engineer was dark blue. All these were discontinued 1955.

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