9th Medium Regiment RA (8 Buffs)

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Giberville, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Giberville

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    I have put together a website about the regiment, which includes a download of the history I have written. The aim is for this to be an online archive of all the stuff I have amassed over 10 years of research. It is still work in progress, but any feedback is welcome.

    I am still looking to contact anyone with a connection to the regiment.


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  2. op-ack

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    Good site but some of the terminology is wrong. If you need assistance PM me.

  3. Waysider

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    I have replied as follows to your other posting:
    "I served in the 9th Medium Regiment, in the troop command post of C troop,82 Battery, from Normandy to Germany. I was probably about the youngest man in the regiment then and am now 89, so i suppose there are not so many of us left."
    I have downloaded your history of the regiment and look forward to reading it.
    I am wondering why you call yourself Giberville. We had the command post in the cellar of a general store there for a week or so up to Operation Totalise (7 August, if I remember right) after which we were moving every day (unusual for Medium guns).
  4. Giberville

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    Just seen this post, and I am very keen to get in touch with you.I have sent you a personal message. I think we might have a lot to talk about! Giberville is a location of the regiment in the battle for Normandy, and quite a lot happened here, as you are well aware. It is a place I have visited several times during my research...it just became an 'identity' on the forum. Your memory serves you well because from here the regiment supported Totalize.

    Oddly, in all the years I have researched the regiment no veterans from 82 Battery have been tracked down - you are the first.

  5. nicks

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    Anthony, great site,

    I have not read the history in full yet but scanning through I noticed you mention loss of Signalman Warner 21/07/1944 who was from Chippenham,Wiltshire. I am yet to research him in fully, would you be interested in anything that I find in the future?

  6. Giberville

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    Thanks for the feedback on the site.

    Yes, I would be interested in any information you dig up. I found out that he was shot by a sentry but have no details as to the incident. Many years ago I did write to the local library asking if any obituary or report appeared in the local paper but no luck. This sometimes turns up something interesting.

  7. Waysider

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    I have just seen these posts. I remember somebody being shot by a sentry one night in July 1944 when we were at St Manvieu. I do not know his name but I thought he was a despatch rider from RHQ but could be quite wrong about that. I was in C Troop command post with the Gun Position Officer, Mr Cross, when we heard a shot. Some time later a voice called in from above "Could you come up a moment, sir?" Cross replied "Who have you shot?" He went up and I was not involved in what happened later. It had been another man, an experienced soldier, who called down on behalf of the unfortunate sentry whose gun had gone off by mistake. The story was that he was a cook who had hardly ever handled a rifle before. I don't think he was in C Troop and, after 70 years, am not sure of the facts, but I vividly remember it.

  8. Giberville

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    This is certainly Signalman Warner, who was with the signals section attached to RHQ. He was shot by a sentry on the 21st July at Manvieu. I know he is buried in the cemetery at Bayeux.
    He could well of been a despatch rider as you recall. I do not have any further details as the War Diary is silent on this one. Therefore, your memories are invaluable in trying to piece together what happened.
    I wonder what became of the soldier who shot him - what a terrible thing to have to come to terms with.


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