9th Anti-Aircraft Brigade, RA - 3rd Indian Anti-Aircraft Brigade

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    Hello, DRyan67!
    I haven't bothered you for a while but I wonder if you can answer a question I have?
    The official RA book on South-East Asia (Routledge?) mentions that H.Q. 9th AA Brigade swapped places with H.Q. 3rd Indian AA Brigade in March/April 1944. Do you have a date for this or at least a vague idea? Looks like the AA units stayed in place and only the two H.Q.'s moved

    Many thanks as always!

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    I will have to do a bit of digging to see what I have. I took notes from a document back in the 90's at the National Army Museum Library. It was entitled:

    Sawyer, Major H.Y. The Anti-Aircraft Branch of the Indian Artillery, 1940 to 1947. 1983. (NAM)

    I will try and dig them up to see what it says.

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    These are the only notes that I took from Sawyer's booklet on these brigades.

    HQ 3rd Indian AA Brigade (7th LAA R IA; 8th HAA R IA; 4th Indian AA Regt)- Bombay in August 1942. Later moved forward in wake of 14th Army advance to Rangoon. Rangoon by August 1945.

    HQ 9th AA Brigade - Arrived early 1942 in India to Panitola, Upper Assam. By 1943 had (66th, 67th HAA RA; 69th, 118th LAA RA; 2nd, 5th, 7th HAA IA; 1st, 5th LAA IA). By early 44 had 66th HAA RA, 69th LAA RA; 2nd, 5th HAA IA; 1st, 5th LAA IA; Mid-44 to Galunchi in Poona and u'c XXXIV Corps. Zipper regiment under brigade 1st HAA HKSRA; 8th, 9th LAA IA; 2nd HAA IA.

    That is it. I will see if I can find anything else in other sources that I have. I will get back to you.
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    Thank you! That's great

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    I checked some other sources with no success. I found your reference about the change but I had no success confirming the date. Sorry.
  6. 379/101 HAA

    379/101 HAA Ubique


    Ref: WO172/4469 - 9th A.A. Brigade H.Q.1944

    16th April 1944 - PANITOLA CLUB (Assam) - H.Q. 3 Ind. A.A. Bde. took over w.e.f. 0001 hrs. This H.Q. (9 A.A. Bde), thus completed 2 years as responsible for A.A. defence of ASSAM, Bde. HQ personnel now studied basic infantry training etc. (prior to move)*

    * In brackets I`ve added.

    From my own research on my Grandfather`s regiment I know that 9th A.A. Bde then moved to Gulunche over the period 5th - 17th May 1944.

    break - break


    Does Sawyer`s book have much on 3rd A.A. Bde between July 1943 and November 1943? I`ve tried to find relevant war diaries for that period at Kew and there appears to be a gap. Would be nice to fill the gap a little?


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    What I posted above is all there is on HQ 3rd Indian AA Brigade in Sawyer's booklet.

  8. 379/101 HAA

    379/101 HAA Ubique

    Thanks David,

    Guess he may have found the same gaps in the records at Kew that I did. It was worth a try.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    John, great info thank you! That's really helped me out

    The Royal Artillery history says that 3rd Indian AA Brigade covered the Bombay, Madras and Trichinopoly area in September 1943 with:
    56th Heavy AA Regiment RA
    8th (Punjab) Heavy AA Regiment IA
    33rd Light AA Regiment RA
    6th (Punjab) Light AA Regiment IA
    7th (Sikh) Light AA Regiment IA

    The Sikh Regiment history says that 7th Light AA Regiment had disbanded on 15th August 1943 and amalgamated with 7th Indian Anti-Tank Regiment IA to form 7th Indian Light AA\Anti-Tank Regiment IA. I suspect that both regiments were located in the area and that's why it is listed as September 1943

  10. 379/101 HAA

    379/101 HAA Ubique

    Thanks Rob,

    From my research I know my Grandfather disembarked in Bombay July 43 and went straight to the Madras area, his regiment coming under 3rd Indian A.A. Bde.

    Just a great shame that the war diary for 3rd I.A.A. Bde during this period is missing as it would give me a broader picture. Nevertheless, what you`ve sent is very helpful.

  11. shees

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    Hey DRyan67!
    My Name is Shees and i am searching for the above document to find some details. Moreover can you suggest me a method regarding collection of War Diaries for e.g War diary 8th Indian H.A.A. Battery, December 1941, contained in error within WO 172/325 and more?
    My prime source of interest is following;
    1. 2nd Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Indian Army
    2. 7th Heavy Ack Ack Battery, Indian Army
    3. 8th Heavy Ack Ack Battery, Indian Army
    Can you help me find anything of this sort. Thank You
  12. shees

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    Thank You
  13. Rothy

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    I have compiled histories of the units in question from the available war diaries. There are many gaps in the coverage provided by these documents so the story may be incomplete, however it is as complete as I can make it.

    1. 2nd H.A.A. Regiment, Indian Artillery

    2. 7th H.A.A. Battery, Indian Artillery

    3. 8th H.A.A. Battery, Indian Artillery (as posted on my wesbite)
    8th Indian H.A.A Battery

    I hope you find these useful

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    Hello Sir Steve.
    I am much pleased to see you here. i had been following your history section on Burma Campaign since long and now that i am honoured to have you here it cherishes me. Thanks once again.
    Sir also thanking you whole heartedly for the details you just shared with me.
    Can i get the copies of the war diaries if it is possible? For your information 7th Battery was later re-titled as 18th HAA Bty and 8th HAA Bty was disbanded after Burma Campaign because it had a huge loss in the war.
    i would be extremely grateful to you if i may be provided with photographs of War Diaries of following:-
    1. War Diary of 2nd H.A.A Regiment, Indian Army (even a single page would help me)
    2. War Diary of 7th H.A.A Battery, Indian Army
    3. War Diary of 8th H.A.A Battery,Indian Army.
    Much thanks for your timely response and wonderful work
  15. shees

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    One more Thing, Can guide me from where i can get the copies of War Diaries (Online) specially related to 2nd H.A.A Regiment, 1st H.A.A Battery, 7th H.A.A Battery and 8th H.A.A Battery Indian Army?
  16. shees

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    Sir i am serving in 2nd H.A.A Regiment now re-titled as 5 Light Air Defence Regiment. . Thanks
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    Shees - we are now in contact offline.

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