98th (The Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery in Action

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    2 Lt Silverwood Cope whi is mentioned getting captured is my Friends Grandfather.
    Ended up in Colditz.
    Escaped from his first camp. Assisted the Polish resistance and captured again. Spent time in the SS prison in Warsaw then sent to Colditz.

    QUOTE="Drew5233, post: 282836, member: 6786"]The following account is taken from WO 167/128. I Corps Commander Corps Medium Artillery (CCMA) dated 23rd May 1940.

    23rd May 1940

    The Regt. was on the road soon after midnight. RHQ was infront, being again ably led by 2/Lt. Tetley. Major Stewart-Mackenzie and Capt. Raikes pushed on ahead of the main column in the hope of getting some early information and orders at Estaires.

    On approaching Annoeullin, the sound of spasmodic but heavy small arms fire was heard coming from the direction of the town. A deviation was made therefore via Gondecourt and Wavrin, in the course of which a considerable amount of French mounted troops was encountered. Except for odd stragglers, these were the first French troops which the Regt. had seen.

    Estaires was reached about 0530 hrs. Lt Col Bush, CBO, I Corps, arrived shortly afterwards with the information that 10 German heavy armoured cars had been in Bethune early that morning. The Regt. was to go at once to Le Petit Mortier, north east of Estaires, where a position was reconnoitred from which, if necessary, it would be possible to cover the line of Estaires-Armentiers Canal. In the meantime, all round anti-tank defence was to be prepared.

    A quick reconnaissance of Le Petit Mortier was carried out by Major Stewart-Mackenzie, to enable vehicles to get clear of the roads. As soon as the roads had been cleared, a more detailed reconnaissance was put in hand. Three guns were deployed in anti-tank roles to cover the three main approaches, while the area as a whole was organised for all round infantry defences in conjunction with 1 Hy Regt. RA. and some Sappers, who were also in the area. Meanwhile the Bty. Recce Party prepared a position for th ethree troops firing south.

    The night was spent in digging in. It was not until about 0400 hrs. on the 24th that news was received from the Belgian machine gunners that a hostile column of AFV's was approaching. The column was seen advancing down the main St. Omer- Hazebrouck road. The first shot from the gun disabled a vehicle at the head of the column, which halted and withdrew, several hits being scored by the gun in the process.

    After a pause of about a quarter of an hour, the gun was attacked by eleven medium or heavy tanks, which endeavoured to get into 'hull-down' positions, and shell the gun. One of these tanks was put out of action with a direct hit, and it is probable that at least two others were badly damaged. Three direct hits were then scored on the gun. The first shell disabled the layer, and his place was taken by Sgt. J E Morbin, who was performing the duties of Troop Sgt. Major, and arranging the ammunition supply. The second shot wounded Sgt Morbin in the eye, but he carried on, until the third shell killed Sgt. Woolven, the No.1, and badly injured the remaining member of the crew (I believe this man to be Gunner Daniel O'Donnell). At this moment, the reserve trailer of ammunition which had been sent for earlier on, appeared. A tank shell scored a direct hit on this before it could be unlimbered, and it blew up. As the gun was now quite useless, Sgt. Morbin gave the order to withdraw, and although himself in great pain , superintended the removal of the wounded until he collapsed. For his part in this action, Sgt. Morbin was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

    839614 Sergeant Godfrey Woolven 392 Bty., 98th (The Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
    :poppy: CWGC :: Certificate :poppy:

    933632 Gunner Daniel O'Donnell 98th (The Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
    :poppy: CWGC :: Certificate :poppy:

    855505 Sergeant James Edward Morbin (Mordin) DCM. 98th (The Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    Acting as 'E' Troop BSM detached from his battery in the defence of Hazebrouck, 27th May observed eleven tanks proceeding across his front. This NCO immediately engaged these tanks with 'E' 2 gun which came under heavy fire from one tank which 'hulled down.' 'E' 2 fired about twenty rounds and several hits were scored, the remaining tanks dispersed and withdrew. It was only when 'E' 2 gun was completely wrecked and four of the detachment killed or wounded did Sergeant Mordin, who although wounded, make arrangements for the withdrawal of the detachment before he collapsed. Throughout this engagement, Sergeant Mordin's conduct was an inspiring example to all.
    LG. 20.12.40[/QUOTE]
  3. Hi there. I believe my grandfather Colin Millward was with the 98th. This is all i have and im looking for more info thanks.

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    Did you go to www.gov.uk and get his Service Record as previously suggested?

    Just type in 'Obtaining a Service Record' and it ill tell you what to do next.


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    This is where 98 Fd Regt RA were from Dec 43-Dec 44.



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  6. Thank you
  7. Im dyslexic and have problems with computers and literacy. Computers are not easy for me. I will ask my neighbour to help me
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    It's been a while since I've visited this thread... Thank you for your message Dominic, I've found a copy of the issue you talk about.. and can see a screenshot of the article about my grandfather.. Am a bit annoyed as the photos in the article are mine.. When I uploaded them, I included my details so I could be credited, contacted etc... I heard nothing from them - Bit naughty!
    Here's a link - MILITARIA N°335
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    Hi, I've read this forum with great interest. I'm from the Netherlands and I think part of the 98th regt stayed here just after liberation in the village Beusichem and did a great parade on the marketsquare around 16th of may. I would really like to know more about their stay here and reconstruct those last weeks in may 1945. They played (and won 6.-1) a football match against locals.
    Do I find any info on this period here in Beusichem in the book story of 98th fieldregiment .... Is it worth ordering this online? At a dancefestivity I understand the regiment raised the flag that was thorn in the battle of Monte Cassino. Any details tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jeroen Verheul 98thregt.jpg 98thregt.jpg
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    Hello Jeroen,

    Beusichem is mentioned briefly in The Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry in the Second World War,

    “With the coming of peace the Regiment moved twenty-five miles westwards along the island. Regimental Headquarters took over the little town of Beusichem, with 471 Battery in nearby Zoelmond, while 391 and 392 Batteries acquired comfortable billets in the villages of Schoonrewoerd and Vianen……

    ….Brigadier Murphy [1st Canadian Armoured Brigade] was therefore invited to inspect the Regiment at a specially arranged farewell parade in Beusichem on 31st May. ..…hearts were full and heads held high as all ranks marched past Brigadier Murphy, as he stood on the saluting base, set up in the neat high street of Beusichem.

    …the main body of the Regiment left for Germany on 3rd June…”​

    That’s all, no mention of the football match!


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    Hello, thank you very much Richard. That's great. I think this helps me on my way a bit. At least now I'm sure it's the right regiment I'm after. Any suggestions if I find any more info in the war diaries in British archives?

    In this thread I was impressed with the memories of the grandchildren of men of the regiment. About the struggle to cope post war. I ordered the book The Surrey & Sussex Yeomanry in the Second World War to understand deeply the battles they fought in. I hope to publish about this regiment here locally. To remember the war through this regiment. Raise some awareness maybe through publication or maybe a lecture at school or in church. Anyone who can help me with little bits of info or memories of grandfathers would be great.

    you can also contact me at jeroen.verheul@live.nl

    I have one more picture of this parade where maybe regimentmember can be recognised. I'm not aware of any problems with privacy
    if I post this here.

    Thanks, hope to hear from you
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