8th Corps Vehicle Maintenance School, Minehead

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    Anyone with any info on this unit. Personalities involved and dates of opening and closing? My late dad was a Sgt Instructor with them late 1940-41.
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    You want to try and get hold of a copy of Somerset at War, it will tell you about the Minehead area, North Hill, and the shooting range for light AA at Donniford, also their was a Butlins camp.

    Also if you have any information to his actual unit please post it makes it easier for members to respond to
  3. jetson

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    After returning via Dunkirk my dad was detached from the 8 Worcs Regt training on Bodmin Moor and ERE posted to 8 Corps VMS as he had passed the long vehicle maintenance course at Hounslow, Middx in the early thirties. My mother and I lodged in Minehead whilst he was posted there and we used to meet him after duty from the MT garages which were on the site of what is now Butlins. When the school eventually closed, he was posted to India/Burma for the duration.
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