8th Bn Royal Scots (15th Scottish Division)

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    I am currently down a deep rabbit hole of what the 8th battalion Royal Scot’s did all the way from Normandy to Germany.

    My great uncle sergeant David Douglas M.M served and fought with them from Normandy all the way Uelzen, Germany . This is where he was shot in the shoulder. He served as a signal platoon sergeant . He earned his military medal at the battle for gheel bridgehead between 14-16th September 1944. He kept communications open between by crossing the canal multiple time under heavy shell and small arms fire. What I’m really looking for is to know what company he was in himself, so I can follow his path more closely! 3056670 Is his service number.

    any pictures of the 8th royal Scots or any information at all about what the battalion did in the NW Europe campaign would be greatly appreciated, as I caught the war waffling bug from a young age!

    I’ve attached a picture of him getting his medal from Monty and also his citation E73AA65B-225C-411E-8B89-4BA2D9710772.png 0B7EA4F9-6CF0-47E6-8994-07C95734D127.png

    thanks for any info/pics


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    Have a look at the 8RS war diaries for 13 December 1944 in particular.
    Interesting site here too (in Dutch but with photos): home | battleforthelocks.be
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    Fine mementos of a brave chap. The Signal Platoon was a Battalion asset and would have been part of Headquarter Company. The Signal Platoon commander was usually known as the RSO. The citation indicates that your great uncle had not been attached to a company or other sub-unit because he was continually moving between the forward elements and the Rear Battalion HQ (perhaps called Main) to maintain communications - the RSO possibly being with the Commanding Officer's group.

    Some generic detail is available at:
    http://www.bayonetstrength.uk/BritishArmy/BritInfBn/Org of the British Inf Bn 1938-45.pdf

    which may be of use.
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    Thanks for this nudge in the right direction brings me great joy to read this! I’m gong upload a pic for anyone else that is interested !

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    Thanks for the reply!
    I was struggling to understand where he would be when reading the units war diary but I guess he is kind of all over the place?! That link did help me to get a grasp of his job. It pieces together a story David told my dad. He must have been in the right mood because he told my dad he once killed a “grand young lad” coming round a corner in Germany somewhere , they met almost face to face and David shot him first. It must have been significant as he took the young soldiers knife from him. David’s own son must have one day asked if that said knife has seen much action. David’s reply was, aye it’s seen plenty action- it’s peeled many an apple.

    I guess being a signal platoon sergeant you would find yourself in situation where you come across enemy alone going between company’s and headquarters. Making this story highly possible to have happened. Unfortunately David died at 91 in 2011. I was too young to grasp any concept of his task and only wish I could have asked him himself about his experiences!
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    Hi Lewis,

    I check this website very so often to see if anything new comes to light about the 8RS. In short my late Father, John Robinson, also served in the 8RS during WW2, was a signaler, and his signals sergeant had been.....Davy Douglas. My Dad had served in Company 'C'. Hope this helps. I spent many years researching what my Father had done in WW2. Like you I wanted to discover as best I could every step he had taken through the ETO with the 8RS. I was aided in my research by the now late Major Joe Lawler Brown who chaired the 8th & 9th WW2 Veterans Association based at Edinburgh Castle. Prior to coming into contact with Major Joe I had already made a DVD telling my Dad's story in WW2 for family history purposes. With Joe's blessing I then produced a similar
    DVD ..... 'Normandy to the Elbe' ..... telling the whole story of the 8RS campaign. This DVD Joe handed out to family wanting to know more about their loved ones involvements with the 8RS in WW2. Within this DVD there is film footage of the little boat ferrying across the canal at Ten Aard while the battle was going on. To me, it looks like one of the soldiers seen on the boat is Davy Douglas. You are quite welcome to a copy of this DVD if you would like, just let me know.

    In the meantime, if you take a look at this website.........tottenham-summerhillroad.com. On entering this local history website scroll down to the bottom and left click on 'Enter'. When the next page appears left click on' What's New'. Then look down the list a short way until you come across 'Normandy to the Elbe'. It is a short account of Dad's own WW2 story that I added to the site.

    I recall back in the middle 1960's my Dad getting all excited because he told me he was meeting up with his old signals sergeant, Davy Douglas, for lunch along Oxford Street in London where Dad was working at the time. My Dad passed away in 1996 at age 82.
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    Hi Alan,
    I really appreciate your reply and I’m quite shocked at how powerful the internet is when it come to gather information and connecting people. It is very exciting to know your late father knew David or Davy as your dad would have called him!
    I would absolutely love to have a look at that DVD and I will give you details somehow if that is possible! I am going to check that website out now as soon as I’ve finished writing this message! Any info or pics from your previous research that is easy to hand would also be a joy to look over !
    If there is anyway to privately message you I will send you my details, but I just want to thank you for your reply it really has made my day!
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    Apparently thanks to Owen if I make one more post I’m allowed to start a conversation, so I will message you my email on ‘conversations’!
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    Hi Lewis, I was in the Geel Bridgehead this past weekend following in the footsteps on my mother's husband who was 6RSF which was sent to support 8RS and extend the bridgehead. The story goes that Ten Aard was on the planned route of the 2nd Army into the Netherlands with 15th Scottish on the left flank which covered Geel and Ten Aard.
    Hope that helps.

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