8th Battalion Royal Scots VE Day Photos, Germany

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    Hello, I have joined this forum in order to post details of two photographs of B Company, 8th Battalion Royal Scots on "VE Day 2" 10th May 1945, taken at Bergteheide in Germany. I am happy to make hi-res copies available to interested persons. I was recently given these and have no personal connection, so regret cannot answer any questions. However I can probably ascertain provenance if that matters (I think from recent from estate via friend of a friend).

    The photo of Company HQ is carefully labelled on the reverse and names the following personnel: Lample, Oliver, Syme, Cpl Wilson, Harvey, Battle?, L/C Mackay, Cpl Gates, Laidlaw, Ray, Ross, Callow, Cpl Gregson, Branson, Cullam, Roberts, Sgt Maj Lothian, Cpt Stobo MC (CO), Livingston, Rander?, Campbell, Townsley, Mackay. Handwriting is a little hard to read so apologies if I have got any names wrong

    I will also post two more images which came with these. They are at Arc de Triomphe, Paris. British servicemen and women, some Scottish but also other regiments. No identification apart from Paris photographic agency address and serial numbers.

    Sorry, I made a spelling mistake in the location. It is Bargteheide. Two different spellings on the original photos, both wrong :smug:
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    Since Bergteheide does not exist, it must be Barkteheide north of Hamburg.
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    Hi Stefan, I checked in de.wikipedia and bahn.de and both say Bargteheide. I know I made a mistake in my original post but tried to correct it.
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