87306 Robert Blair "Paddy" MAYNE, DSO & 3 Bars, MiD, Royal Ulster Rifles & 1 SAS

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by Owen, Oct 3, 2009.

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    "Colonel Paddy" was born on this day 100 years ago.

    The right man at the right time.

    Winner of the Distinguished Service Order 4 Times!!!
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    I will join you in remembering one of the pioneers of the SAS and a great all round soldier.
  3. Recce_Mitch

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    Shame he didn't get the VC that he was put up for.


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    good day ww2ni.sm.today.02:45pm.lt colonel robert blair "paddy"mayne.D.S.O.AND 3BARS.he was certainly a great hero.thank you for posting regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    An excellent reminder of a very brave man.

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