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  1. I am posting some photos kindly provided by Mark Bridges via Kevin Tucker. Mark is the son of the late W.F.F. Bridges who was with 82 Assault Squadron RE during WW2, in an AVRE named "LOUGH NEAGH" (T32171/C).

    1. The crew of 'LOUGH NEAGH' in front of their AVRE. This photo is labelled "Bretville West of Caen" “One of the parties we were on just before the Big Push through France”, so was probably taken in Bretteville-l'Orgueuilleuse, or possibly in Bretteville-sur-Odon. WFF Bridges is middle right:

    2. Another AVRE, presumably also of 82 ASRE. Behind it is a Carrier with what looks like a Fascine cradle:
    Edit 26 Jun 2015: This is AVRE 1D also shown on photo 4 below.

    3. Cropped photo of a Despatch Rider in front of an AVRE (callsign 3x, maybe 3A?). This photo looks like it was shot at the same time/location as the previous one:

    4. Royal Engineers in front of AVRE callsign 1D (fourth veh of 1 Tp, normally the Tp Officer's mount, a Lieutenant RE), maybe also shot at the same time/location (notice the wooden 'cylinder' on which one of the men is sitting, same as in front of the AVRE with the Carrier behind it):
    Edit 26 Jun 2015: This AVRE is the same as the one on photo 1 above.

    5. AVRE callsign 3F, thus last veh of 3 Tp:

    6. Group photo, maybe taken during a training period in Ireland according to Mark Bridges:

    7. Another group photo:

    Here's the D Day report by the tk comd of 'LOUGH NEAGH'. This is a verbatim transcription, including the typo "Rough" i/o "Lough":

    Report by L sjt Bright in Fascine AVRE 32171 "Rough Neagh"

    Embarked 0400 hrs 4 Jun 44 (Lane 2). On Landing Craft all day
    5 Jun 44. Beached at 0725 hrs 7 Jun 44 and made for Lane 1 as ordered,
    which was not identified owing to Lane 1 not being started as landing
    craft had been hit before Assault Vehicles could be disembarked. Ran
    into concentrated fire from enemy pillbox, to which it was impossible to
    reply owing to fascine and fittings being in way of armament. Turned
    about and made for Lane 3 in case required. 0800 hrs Gears jammed in
    reverse; unable to move approximately 150 yds from enemy pillbox. Unable
    to effect immediate repairs. Comd and Co-driver left AVRE and were brought
    under fire by enemy. Returned to AVRE and attempted repairs from inside
    being pinned down until 1400 hrs (approx). Left AVRE. Unable to effect
    repairs. Left AVRE on beach and reported to RV just off beach through
    Lane 3 on Lt Crofton’s orders. Returned to AVRE on morning 8 Jun 44 when
    temporary repairs were effected by Sjt Mackintosh (Fitter Sjt). Fascine
    having to be jettisoned on beach in place notified by Beach Comd owing to
    release mechanism and fittings being damaged by enemy action making it
    unsafe. Left beach at 1800 hrs moving to temporary bivouac area for night,
    reporting to Coy HQ on morning of 9 Jun 44.

    'LOUGH NEAGH' landed from LCT(4) LTIN 2026 on D Day, as part of 'Y' Beaching Squadron alloted to JIG GREEN West.

    Mark would welcome any additional info regarding WFF Bridges, 'LOUGH NEAGH' or 82 ASRE in general.

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    If you knew where the group photograph was taken in Northern Ireland I would try and do a "Then and Now" Comparrison photo.

  3. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Brilliant photos Michel, a big thanks for sharing.

    From a grandson of an 80 Assault Squadron RE.

    Regards Mike.
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    Great shots! Thanks for posting.
  5. I've edited my initial post above because I belatedly noticed that Photos 2 & 4 show the same AVRE 1D.

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    Nice pictures!
    I am looking for the September war diary and appendices for this unit.
    Can you please help me?

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    Hi! Not sure if anyone’s still following this post, but in photo 1 the man in the top left is my Great Grandfather, Lionel Bright.

    He’s also the man in the 4th photo in the middle wearing the leather trench coat and in the 6th photo he is top row, 2nd in from the left.

    The report from D-Day is also his.

    Would love to know if anyone has any more photos apt information.
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