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    On December 3rd 1944 a terrible accident happened in Sevenum - The Netherlands. Men of 7th Seaforth Highlanders were doing weapon maintenance in a local house when all of a sudden a huge explosion was heard inside the house. (Probable Cause: an exploding grenade) Four soldiers were killed.
    Pte Joseph McGarrigle 14286333 Casualty
    Cpl Colin Carnegie Hayens 14431085 Casualty
    Lance Cpl James Harte 14719519 Casualty
    Lt Leland Albert Young CND/668 (Royal Canadian Infantry Corps) Att. 7th Seaforth Highlanders Casualty

    Are there war diaries or books in which this dramatic event is mentioned???
    (I live in Sevenum NL and visit the graves of these four men at Venray War Cemetery regularly.)
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    John Sym's regimental history, Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) does not mention the incident. The history in general is very brief in most areas and covers the period from 1778-1960.
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    The battalion was part of Operation Guildford on the 3rd and Lt Young and two ORs are documented as being killed during this Op.
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    Nothing in "Monty's Northern Legions" - History of 50th & 15th Divs (Delaforce) or in "The Forgotten Battle" (Altes & Veld), which covers actions in the Maas Salient, although Sevenum does get mentioned a few times in the latter (liberated on 22/11/44 as I'm sure you already know).

    Just a thought (if you don't know already), but there's a private museum in Melderslo which I visited a few years ago. It's run by a local guy who has collected war stuff from the area. I remember he had some stories about 15th SD liberating the area. Might be worth getting in touch with him.

    Oorlog In De Peel – Stichting oorlog in de Peel
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    Thank you dryan67 for your post
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    I know the museum. It's owned by Edie Pouwels who I know very well Thank you for your reply
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    I'll give it a try Drew 5233. Thank you very much!
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    7th Seaforth were under command of 44 Brigade and took part in the assault on Blerick, 3rd December 1944.
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    Thank you very much sir!
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    Thank you Owen!
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    British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945:


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    Thank you very much. You've been of great Help

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