79th Medium Scottish Horse

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Derek Barton, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Derek Barton

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    A video clip was posted on Facebook a few days ago entitled Scottish Gun Crew 1945. It shows a crew of a 5.5 inch Gun all wearing the blue Atholl bonnet, so I presume they must be Scottish Horse. Watching the clip I noticed a dark patch above the Sergeants chevrons. Pausing the clip showed it to be a square of (presumably) regimental tartan behind the brass gun badge.
    Further examination revealed a L/Bdr and at least one Gnr wearing the same tartan patch with a white metal device on it.
    I can find no documentation or other images for these devices. Has anyone any information on these, in particular the badge worn by the L/Bdr.
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  2. Tricky Dicky

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  3. Derek Barton

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    Thanks TD that's my next step if I draw a blank here. I have already searched their archieved posts without success.
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  5. Derek Barton

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    Thanks for that Idler. On closer examination I do believe you are right about it being a trade badge. It could well be a brass Layers badge. The Facebook page seems to confirm that a tartan patch was worn but I would have expected the regimental tartan, Murray of Atholl in green instead we have what appears to be the Stewart of Atholl tartan. So a bit more research still needed.
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    My dad norman is in this film of the SH 79th medium regt

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