79th Div "Funnies" Manual

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    The "vickersmg" blog has posted a free low-resolution PDF of The Characteristics and Employment of Specialised Armour, a document which covers the employment of the various "funnies" used by 79th Division - AVREs, Crocodiles, flails, etc. (You can also chip in 3.50 to get a higher resolution scan.)

    Specialised armour of the 79th Division
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    Can you tell me if this Vickers document has anything in it that is not in the 'Final Report' I came across your post by accident - I was looking for anything on the 79th's logistics, R.A.O.C. and R.A.S.C. especially the material brought forward for "Plunder".
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    Also available at Kew as WO 232/97.
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