7919496 Corporal Walter Dennis ADAMS, RAC, 8th Armoured Brigade: 12/09/1942

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    I'm researching Corporal Walter Dennis Adams 7919496 of the Royal Armoured Corps, 8th Armoured Brigade. I know he enlisted in Feb 1942 and went to Western Desert, in August 1942 involved in Battle of Alam el Halfa. I understand that battle ended 5th September 1942. He died/was killed 12th September 1942.
    I'd also like to understand if he was part of a particular battalion that made up the 8th Armoured Brigade.
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    Lists state that he died as a result of accident.
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    Does anyone have access to the following book, My Daily War Diary 1940-1946 by Tom Fleming (attached to 8th Armoured Brigade)?

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