75th Anti-Tank Regiment July 1944

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    I'm hoping someone who has researched the world of Artillery can help me. Specifically I'm trying to find out where the 75th Anti-Tank Regiment were on the 4th July 1944 when a local chap, Staff Sergeant Harold Barney, was killed.

    I think they were part of the 117th Battery and judging by the fact the fact that he was buried at Secqueville-en-Bessin I'm guessing they must have been in the Caen area a month after D-Day.

    The 'Anti-Tank' bit of the name gives a clue to their purpose but I'm keen to learn what they were kitted out with and also what a Staff Sergeant's job would have been within the team.
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    this has lots of info on anti-tank regiments.

    edit: see also the Trux thread on anti-tank regiments see the sections about anti-tank in armoured divisions

    75th Anti tank Regiment were in 11th Armoured Div so look into what they were up to as well - end of Operation Epsom & advance to Hill 112.
    I'll have a look in the div history soon.

    Cant find anything specfic regards them & that date but here's the roll of honour from Taurus Pursuant with his name.

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    Attached are two pages from the War Diary.

    Sgt Barney is mentioned on the second page.



    WO  171  925 (40)e.jpg WO  171  925 (41)e.jpg
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    Thank you both, that was just the sort of detail I was looking for.
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    Hello Dany dou you have the other parts of their war diary I plan to transcribe it for the website
    11th Armoured Division - WAR DIARIES

    Also I've set up this group so people who were in the Division, their relatives and anyone else who's interested, can share information, memories and photos.
    11th Armoured Division: From Normandy to the Baltic
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    117 Bty
    Numérisation_20211025 (2).png

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