7519 Pte BOWEN A Coy 2nd Wiltshire Regiment

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  1. Hallo, I find this helmet in Sicily.

    Do you help me to find a soldier information?

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    A coincidence with name and number, 3957519 L/Cpl A I Bowen, 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regt, wounded Italy 7/9/43 and again 8/4/44.
  3. Thanks Tony56!!!!! :)

    When is possible find this information? Thanks!!
  4. Owen

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    Detail :: The Wardrobe

    2nd Wiltshire
    Location Anzio, Italy
    Entry Today was much quieter, although desultory mortar fire continued all day. 2055: Enemy activity in front of our fwd coys again observed, but this stopped when arty and mortar DF fire was brought down. 2155: Air raid on the area - 3 men wounded.

    Detail :: The Wardrobe

    2nd Wiltshire
    Location Gioia 6582/Rosarno 7289, Italy
    Entry 1000hrs. Bn disembarked GIOIA and went into Bde Concentration Area. 15 Inf Bde had made contact with GERMANS, who left GIOIA p.m. 6 Sep. 1430hrs. 13 Inf Bde pass through 15 Inf Bde 2 CAMERONIANS leading, followed by 2 WILTS and 2 INNISKS. 2000hrs. Army Comd drove past and gave Bn 2,000 cigarettes which were divided among Rifle Coys. 2 CAMERONIANS bumped GERMANS in area ROSARNO. 1715hrs. Bn came under light enemy shellfire and moved along EAST side of ROAD under cover of large olive trees. At 1810hrs Bn halted about 2 miles SOUTH of ROSARNO. 2 CAMERONIANS had meanwhile passed through ROSARNO and were trying to clear high ground immediately NORTH of ROSARNO. At 1800hrs Bn area came under continuous enemy shellfire. Lieut Col A.D. Palmer was wounded and evacuated and Major A.W.S. Hooley assumed Command. Eight O.Rs also were evacuated. 2030hrs. Major A.W.S. Hooley and RIO reported to HQ 13 Inf Bde for orders. Plan for following day was for 2 CAMERONIANS and 2 INNISKS to move NORTH towards MILETO 8003 along general line of ROAD, and 2 WILTS to clear minor road to WEST of MAIN ROAD and rejoin axis about 7899.
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  5. This Soldier was wounded two once? One in 7/9/43 and after at Anzio in 8/4/1944? Thanks at all for the research!!
  6. Owen

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  7. Tony56

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    Casualty list No. 1256 dated 5 October 1943
    1. Expeditionary Forces
    (b) Middle East

    2nd Bn Wiltshire Regiment, all date of casualty 7/9/43
    14351489 ALLNUTT Pte WF
    5572215 ANDERSON Pte S
    5680244 BARKHAM Pte HC
    3957519 BOWEN L/Cpl AI
    5574536 CLAREY L/Cpl TD
    5575484 EDWARDS Cpl LA
    5770501 HOPGOOD L/Cpl W
    5572085 LUSH Cpl L
    5674757 WILLIAMS L/Cpl BF

    Casualty list No. 1427 dated 22 April 1944
    1. Expeditionary Forces
    (e) North Africa

    2nd Bn Wiltshire Regiment
    5572271 BERRY Pte P - date of casualty 9/4/44
    14216624 BIDNELL Pte RH - 7/4/44
    3957519 BOWEN A/Cpl AI - 8/4/44
    4192254 CARNE Pte WR - 8/4/44
    5572290 NEARY Pte V - 9/4/44
    5567865 PARKER Sjt H - 11/4/44
    14346637 PAXMAN Pte A - 8/4/44
    5566748 RENSHAW Pte W - 9/4/44
    554181 WILKINS Pte EFJ - 9/4/44
    5672692 WRIGHT Pte TW - 8/4/44

    NOTE: this is not a complete list of those wounded on the days shown, just those that appeared on those particular casualty lists, nor does it detail any that may have been killed, missing or taken POW. These lists do not include officers.

    Question to all - if the number in the helmet was 7519 was it common for servicemen to shorten their service number? Also note that helmet gives the rank of private which means - IF the correct soldier - a subsequent promotion.
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  8. minden1759

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    It was very common to shorten, especially if there was more than one Bowen in the Battalion. In my Platoon, I had two Browns - Brown 96 and Brown 20.


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  9. Tony56

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    Daniele, the 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regt landed in Sicily on 10 July 1943 - would be interesting to know precisely where you found the helmet, can you give us a location?
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  10. It's find in Catania area, but I not know where in details. :(

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