6th June 1944 D-Day Casualties from Widnes, Lancashire

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    In Memory of
    14609265, 1st Bn., South Lancashire Regiment
    who died age 19 on 06 June 1944
    Remembered with honour BAYEUX MEMORIAL


    FEATHERSTONE, PATRICK, 14609265 [1].jpg .jpg]

    In Memory of
    Private KENNETH FONE
    3783324, 1st Bn., South Lancashire Regiment
    who died age 21 on 06 June 1944
    Son of Robert and Polly Fone, of Cronton, Lancashire.
    Remembered with honour HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY


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    In Memory of
    Trooper THOMAS SMITH
    7941152, The Inns of Court Regt., Royal Armoured Corps
    who died age 23 on 06 June 1944
    Son of John and Elizabeth Smith, of Widnes, Lancashire.
    Remembered with honour BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY


    SMITH, THOMAS, 7941152.jpg
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    We were at Hermanville this morning and for some reason I happened to notice Kenneth Fone's grave, possibly because he was South lancs and we had taken some photos for you in the past?
    Regards Gill
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    RIP Kenneth Fone.

    I was born and brought up in Cronton, making him one of 'our' local heroes.

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    Does anybody happen to know what happened to Kenneth Fone?

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