6th D Day landing beach and their code names - Band Beach etc.

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by frankkelsall, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. frankkelsall

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    I have just returned from Normandy. While there I heard the following "facts" from our guide. Can anyone confirm any of them?
    1. There was a 6th landing beach planned to the east of Sword but it was cancelled at the last moment due to flooding by the Germans. Think it`s name was "Band" beach.
    2. The code names of the beaches were all named after fish i.e. SWORDfish GOLDfish for the Brits and JELLYfish for the Canadians. They refused to use this name and instead went for Juno which was the name of the wife of one of their commanders.
    Lastly does anyone know where they got the names from?
  2. kfz

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    Welcome to site Frank

  3. Gerard

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    Hi Frank! Welcome to our humble abode. I dont the answer to your question but I know there are plenty here with that knowledge.
  4. frankkelsall

    frankkelsall Junior Member

    Hi Guys.Thank`s for the welcome. I`m new to this so lets hope someone knows the answers.
  5. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    ~I do know that the names of the beaches appeared in the Times crossword and convinced that the whole thing was blown to the enemy hauled the unfortunate crossword writer into the brig for a chat.
  6. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I never heard of those names before Frank. Somehow I doubt that would be true? the Airborne lads took control of that side of the Orne. My opinion only!
    What I can confirm without any doubt, is that the two landing beaches for Third British Div were Queen Red and Queen White.
    The White Rose of Yorkshire for the East Yorks Regiment.
    The Red Rose for the South Lancs regiment.
    There was a green? beach.

    I can also confirm that first troops ashore were the Sappers. The "gapping teams"... To prepare the way for everyone else to land.

    The Third Div Canadians landed later on Juno.
    I have in my possession a full run down of what took place on the landing beaches, the losses, and exactly what happened. That was compiled for future landing reference by the Sappers...fascinating.

    A full explanation of how the whole thing evolved and how the beach obstacles were tackled. And what was so heart rending.. the Sappers that were given the task of making the beach obstacles "safe" and how some of them stuck to their task to a point where some of them drowned, still removing explosive charges Mines a shells from the steel Tetrahedra obstacles.

    Oh what brave lads...Yet now all forgotten..Will the World ever know? or recall the sacrifices of those young men... for all that the Country enjoys today.

    But I remember... and it still chokes me after nearly 64 years. While the rest of the World has forgotten.....Such brave and courageous young men. "Rest In Peace" my old friends.,..For you all deserve the Nations eternal gratitude. You will not get it...But I will remember while I can.....
    There is no greater love! Than a man that lays down his life for another.
    Beaches... Frank. Beaches
  7. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    I've not heard that there were to be 6 beaches. My understanding is that there was some concern if there was going to be enough landing craft and ships to accomodate five.
  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Page 65 of the Salamander book D-Day has a map of the beaches, BAND was going to be to the east of SWORD.


    EDIT: Whoops, welcome to the forum Frank.
    Hope you had a good trip and have you got any photos to show us?
  9. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Based on the above, I've just typed 'Bandfish' into Google images (I'd never heard of it). A horrible looking thing. Wouldn't want to find that on my dinner plate !
  10. 4th wilts

    4th wilts Discharged

    thats because 40 odd lst went to the anvil op,jeff.
  11. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I, nor my veteran mates, have heard of this Band beach. Looking at it, and knowing what the countryside is like there. It could never have been considered as a landing beach? Surely?
    The other side of the Orne was known for the most savage mosquitoes in creation. When we moved over pre the Goodwood offensive, we were under constant attack and they caused some pretty horrible swollen arms, legs, faces, and eyes.

    We thought that the Mossies had been on the dead, and then on us, for some of their bites caused very bad infections.
  12. frankkelsall

    frankkelsall Junior Member

    Some good news. I now know that the 6th beach story is true but no one seems to know how they got their code names. Keep looking please.
    The beaches and surrounding area are still well worth a visit even after all these years. We picked up an unfired shell and a well rotted gas mask on Utah. Just sitting there on the sand! All the big gun enplacemants are accessible and the museums are fantastic. I went on tours with Battlefield Tours and the guides really know there stuff. Lots of pictures of now and then plus lots of stories about individual actions etc. Expensive at 80 Euros a trip but for a full 9 hour day out well worth it.As for the cemeteries they are just fantastic but of course very sad.
    Never forget what they gave so that we can have this chat!
  13. frankkelsall

    frankkelsall Junior Member

    Hi Sapper. Just seen your post. What do you think about the post from Owen D? His book "Salamander" seems to show another beach
  14. stevew

    stevew Senior Member

    I'd be interested to know how the US beaches got their names
  15. Auditman

    Auditman Senior Member

    Just seen the proposed 6th landing beach map on the post. If the Pegasus and Orne River bridge assualts had not worked would a Division landing on that side of the Orne estuary been militarily feasible, even allowing for the airborne landings? Would there have been enough landing craft and LSts etc?
  16. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I'd like to know how far into the planning stage that BAND was dropped.
    Quite early, I imagine?
  17. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I know the Queen beaches were red and white for the Rose colours of Yorkshire and lancashire the White Rose of Yorks and the Red Rose of Lancs. Two very fine regiments, chosen to land first by Monty.

    Obviously I know nothing about the "Band" beach..So I cannot give an opinion, other than to say. In my limited opinion, that area was absolutely unsuitable for a landing..... Probably why is was ditched!

    For a start it was overlooked by the high ground to the East, and was under the noses of the Enemy forces at Le Havre. Remember that those guns at Le Havre made Sword Beach unsuitable for further landings.
    For that purpose of re-supply, it was abandoned.
  18. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I know the Queen beaches were red and white for the Rose colours of Yorkshire and lancashire the White Rose of Yorks and the Red Rose of Lancs. Two very fine regiments, chosen to land first by Monty

    Sounds nice but it's not true Brian.
    All the landing areas had RED/GREEN/WHITE.

    subdivided into




  19. 4th wilts

    4th wilts Discharged

    that band beach is in an estuary.probably morgan and the rest of cossak team getting excited,they wanted an eastern breakout oorigionally,before being sacked by einsenhour and monty.4th wilts.
  20. 4th wilts

    4th wilts Discharged

    on the book,it looks like commando,s,i rekon it is a diversionally attack,in case of problems in the origional 3 div cossac plan.yours,4thwilts.

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