6th Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment D-Day Landings

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    Hello, I am a first time poster seeking information about the 6th Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment's involvement in D-Day.
    My late Grandfather, William Gerard Kelly, was a member of this battalion during WW2 but never spoke of the landings during his lifetime.
    Any assistance or information would mean a lot to my family and be most appreciated
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    My favourite first question is how do you know that he was in the 6th Battalion of The Middlesex Regiment? Do you have any records, photos, letters etc?? Or is it the one thing you remember him saying about his time in the war, which is quite common in family recollections if they weren't keen on discussing it. One snippet and that was it.

    According to Wiki 3 Battalions of the Middlesex regiment were in action during the Battle for Normandy:

    2nd Middlesex Regiment Machine Gun Battalion – in the 3rd Infantry Division

    1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment Machine Gun Battalion in the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division

    8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment Machine Gun Battalion in the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division

    Otherwise I'm struggling already - the only firm link that the 6th Battalion existed in WW2 is a single photo in the IWM collection - THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1944-45

    Hopefully some of the British experts will pop along when they wake up or get home frm work or whatever time it is over there.
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