69411 Ian Norman PATTERSON, MC, MiD, RA, Parachute Regt & SBS

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    Came across mention of this officer who was one time 2IC 11 Para, joined SBS after 11 Para's misson on Cos and died tragiclly in Jan 45 flying out of Athens, anyone know any more about him?
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    I'll try and dig them both out for you when I get home from work mate.
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    Thanks Andy.
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    Recommended by Major Lord Jellicoe for Immediate Military Cross.

    Marked No Publicity.

    On the island of Nisero on 7 Mar this officer personally commanded the party which caprtured two enemy assault craft. This operation would not have been successful save for the careful planning of this officer, his resourceful improvisation on the spot at considerable risk to himself and the dash and disregard of personal safety which he showed in the conduct of the operation.

    The assault on the boats was made possible by the accurate fire of this officer from a Bren gun although in an exposed position.

    As a result of this operation two assault craft were captured, 22 enemy killed or taken prisoner and much equipment and arms taken.

    This officer commanded the SBS detachment operating in the Aegean in Feb, Mar and early Apr. The success of these operations was due in large measure to his initiative and to the personal inspiration he gave in leadership and in disregard to his own personal safety on the above occasion and in other operations in the islands of Cos, Patmos and Pserimo.

    Owing to the nature of these operations it would be appreciated if this citation is not published.

    Dated 13.7.44
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    Nice one mate, I reckon he was destined for greater things had he not died when he did will have to see what more I can find out about him.
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    21 December 1944

    28 Squadron SAAF
    Dakota III KG498
    Ten miles south-south-west Torretoria

    The aircraft was evacuating wounded personnel from Athens to Italy and there were seven RAF/SAAF and sixteen others on board. The pilot descended in cloud when uncertain of the aircraft's position and the aircraft struck a hill at a height of 1200 feet about 25 miles from its destination. There was a single survivor.

    (This is a quote from elsewhere on this forum)

    Torretoria doesn't exist. I think the place is TROIA, which lies about 40 kms (25 miles) to the south west of the airfields at San Severo/ Gioa del Colle. Maj. Patterson and all the others lie buried in Bari War Cemetery.

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    Post 19 thread - Secret List

    Casualty list for Dakota III KG498 (Though Without Anger - C. Cummings)
    Lieutenant Gerald Patrick CRONIN SAAF Pilot
    Lieutenant C J JOOSTE 34 SAAF Pilot
    Lieutenant P S MOORE 31 SAAF Navigator
    Air Corporal H V KILBURN SAAF Wireless Operator
    Leading Aircraftman Roy Farley ATKINSON
    Leading Aircraftman Frank HELLAWELL
    Captain John Arthur BARLOW 28 RAMC
    Private Roy Douglas BROWN 24 Hampshire Regt
    Sapper Herbert CUDMORE 43 RE
    Private Charles Henry CULVER 21 Parachute Regt
    Sapper Ivor Thomas GOODFIELD 24
    Captain L HEILBRONNER 31 South African Int Corps
    Lance Corporal John KIRK Parachute Regt
    Signalman Alexander Dunnachie MCCORMICK 26 Royal Signals
    Signalman David LAURIE 25 Royal Signals
    Trooper John MASSON 28 Royal Tank Regt
    Major Ian Norman PATTERSON 30 MC 'L' Sqn SAS
    Sergeant Arthur Frank Gay POWELL 30 Parachute Regt
    Gunner Leonard PROCTOR Royal Artillery
    Sergeant Adam Edgar SCOON 31 Parachute Regt
    + two others whose details are not known
    Where is Torrettoria, Italy ?
    Does it have a new Modern name ? I cant find it on a map, or on the internet.

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    Personal Number: 69411
    Rank: Captain
    Name: Ian Norman PATTERSON, MC, AFC, MiD
    Unit: Royal Artillery, Parachute Regiment, 1 Special Boat Squadron

    London Gazette : 2 February 1943
    Lt. I. N. Patterson (69411), from R.A. (S.R.), to be Lt. 1st Nov. 1942 retaining his present seniority.

    London Gazette : 13 July 1944
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field: —
    The Military Cross.
    Captain (temporary Major) Ian Norman Patterson (69411), Army Air Corps.

    London Gazette : 4 January 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services against the enemy in the field:—
    Army Air Corps.
    Capt. (temp. Maj.) I. N. Patterson, M.C. (69411).
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    Service Number 69411
    Died 21/12/1944
    Aged 30
    "L" Sqdn. Special Boat Service, S.A.S. Regiment, A.A.C.
    M C
    Son of Norman and Winifred Dorothea Patterson, of Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire.
    Location: Italy
    Number of casualties: 2054
    Cemetery/memorial reference: XII. A. 5.
    See cemetery plan

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