6845322, Rifleman G.H.C. Piper King's Royal Rifle Corps Pow Calais

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  1. ypres5

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    I would be grateful if anyone could help me trying to find out were the above soldier came from. I know Rifleman Piper was Pow at Calais ( He was also M.I.D. for the Defence of Calais). Any help would be most grateful. Thank you Mick.
  2. harkness

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    One possible candidate:

    PIPER, George H C - Pontefract - Mar 1911
  3. ypres5

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    harkness, thanks that could be my man. I have his medal group in my collection and would love to put a photo with the group, thanks again Mick.
  4. gmyles

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    British Army Casualties 1939-1945 says Rfm Piper was in the 2nd Battalion KRRC. He was decalared missing initially, later changed to POW. The same list states he was no longer a POW in 1945.

    From Ancestry POW database

    NAME: G H C Piper
    RANK: Rifleman
    ARMY NUMBER: 6845322
    REGIMENT: Kings Royal Rifle Corps
    POW NUMBER: 4691
    CAMP TYPE: Stalag
    CAMP LOCATION: Malbork,Poland

    Hope this helps

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  5. ypres5

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    Gus, thanks Mick
  6. harkness

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    Mick, he's the only Piper with the initials G.H.C. born in England/Wales between 1880-1920. That doesn't GUARANTEE he's your man, but the evidence is strong.
  7. ypres5

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    I agree, I will see if i can find anything about him . i might give the the Pontefract Library a ring, Thanks for everyone's help.
  8. Rachael kendall

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    You are correct and that is my grandad
  9. Rachael kendall

    Rachael kendall New Member

    This is grandad
  10. ypres5

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    Hi Rachael, Your grandfather was a brave soldier and just like the rest of them who defended Calais in 1940. Mick
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