6287991 Private Arthur James Pearce, 2nd Bn. The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)

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    :poppy: Casualty :poppy:

    Information sourced from I Corps Intelligence War Diary dated 21st April 1940. WO 167/125

    Dated entry 21st April 1940.
    'Dump of A/Tk mines at Ecoust exploded at 0845 hrs sentry of 2 Buffs was killed - blown to bits. G.2 and G.3 went to investigate and then to G.H.Q. Ib.'

    Dated Entry 22nd April 1940.
    'G3 attended Court of Inquiry at Ecoust on exploded dump.'

    Dated Entry 23rd April 1940.
    'G3 attended Court of Inquiry at Ecoust on exploded dump.'

    Dated Entry 26th April 1940.
    'G3 went to Ecoust to complete Court of Inquiry.'

    Casualty found thanks to Geoff's 'Wonderful' Search Engine.
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    From the 2nd Buffs War Diary dated 21st April 1940

    24th April entry:
    The burial of the late Pte Pearce of B Coy took place at the British War Cemetery at Cagnicourt. The CO and officers + men of B Coy attended
  3. Hi Drew, You seem to have some amazing diary records there. My father, Frederick Charles Wright was in the 2nd Buffs during 39/40 and was lucky to be evacuated on 29th May. He later served at Alam El Halfa and El Alamein, I think attached to 4th Indian Div. I am trying to find out more about his exploits in France. He must have become separated as I understand most of 2nd Buffs missed the order to retreat and were captured. Wondered if you could help trace his movements. Thanks
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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    I'm just about to walk out the door to the national archives for most of the day so I'll try and get back to you tonight.

  5. Hello Andy
    Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I should have introduced myself, please excuse me for not doing so.
    My name is Tom Wright, now retired, ex Royal Navy and London Fire service, and with some time on my hands decided to trace my Father during WW2. Sadly He passed away in 1972, and never spoke about the war. I asked him once what it was like at El Alamein. I only got one word from him - 'Daylight' he said. I assume he was talking about the Barrage.
    Anyway thanks for any help you can provide. I hope I too, can be of help to members of the forum in the future.
    Kind regards

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    2nd Buffs ended up in South East Asia, but the 5th were in the Middle East and Italy. It's possible he may have been transferred from one to the other after returning from France. As I say, service records are the answer.
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