62 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery

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    I'm sorry to inform that I've made an error with the first photo. It's not at Sluis where the water tower was.
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    We've just updated episode 11, which is now actually episode 12 and the first part of the 'Battle for Woensdrecht'.
    It will take most likely 2 episodes more before the Resistance Group will appear.
    After that (November 1944) 62.A-T.Rgt.RA will come in to view until March 1945, where the Resistance Group is placed under it's command and they have to face raids from another German specialized unit.
    We were able to establish the identity of that German unit without a doubt.
    It was the German equivalent of the British Royal Marines Commandos.
    Special thanks to P.Wollendorf.

    Episode 10 : 'The Paras vs the Polish'
    Episode 12 : 'The race for the Beveland isthmus' (updated version)
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    Excellent stuff !
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    I've gone through my copy of the war diary for the 62nd Atk Regt for 1944, and it appears that May is missing. Given that at the end of April 1944 they were at Willingdon near Eastbourne, and at the beginning of June 1944 they were boarding ships at Tilbury in Essex, does anyone know what they were doing during May to get from the Sussex coast to Essex?

    Thanks in advance for any help....

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