5th Maharattas Anti Tank Regiment I.A

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  1. DavidW

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    Can anyone tell me if this unit had 2 Pdrs, or 6 Pdrs?
    Porteed or towed?
    Service history and movements for second half of 1942 please.

    Thanks in advance,
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    The 5th Mahratta Anti-Tank Regiment, Indian Artillery was formed on January 1st, 1942. The regiment sailed from India and arrived in Basra, Iraq on May 14th, 1942. It served in Iraq and Iran, mostly in the Bagdhad area. In June 1943 it returned to India with the 5th Indian Infantry Division. It served under the 5th Indian Infantry Division from October 1942 to May 1943 in the Middle East. Based on the fact that it was formed in India and sailed from there in 1942, I would assume it had 2-pounders on arrival. I have no information on re-equipment. Did you check with the 'Ball of Fire' web reference? The complete 5th Indian Division history is on line. See the thread on 13th Anti-Tank Regiment that you started.
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    Yes I did, but no info.


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