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  1. Skoyen89

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    Does anyone have a copy of 'History of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) Volume 2 1929 onwards? I am trying to see what it has in it about the fighting on the Silchar Track in June 1944 when two VCs were won. I can't find a reasonably priced copy to buy and thought I would try here before attempting inter-library loan.
  2. dryan67

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    Probably not helpful, but I saw my copy at Yale University's Sterling Library.

    Anon. History of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) 1919-1947: Volume II Aldershot: Gale and Polden, 1956. (Yale)
  3. Skoyen89

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    No, a bit far dryan67. Think it would be cheaper to buy the £80 copy on abebooks!
  4. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    Sounds like a plan.
  5. Bruneval

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    Morning Skoyen,

    Have you tried the Gurkha Museum at Winchester? They may have a copy you could browse through if you live nearby. If not, I can look in the Library at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham which I know do hold some old books on the Gurkhas.


  6. idler

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    Pity taken:

    p258-1600.jpg p259-1600.jpg p260-1600.jpg p261-1600.jpg p262-1600.jpg p263-1600.jpg p264-1600.jpg p265-1600.jpg p266-1600.jpg

    I thought I'd better check I could find it before I made any promises.
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  7. Skoyen89

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    Many thanks kind sir!

    I have the war diary of 2/5GR but the map included here is really interesting. About ten days ago I tried to find Water Picquet and Mortar Bluff with the Imphal WWII Foundation. I had a number of maps from War Diaries and books from the Northamptons and I had the War Diary of 2/5RGR. I also have a copy of the 'Ordnance Survey' map of the area. There are no map refs for any of the picquets in the War Diaries apart from BP Picquet. None of the maps that show the picquets are very accurate when one is on the ground and they also suggest two different locations. We tried both but the most likely one for Water Picquet from this account and also from Jervois' Regimental History of the Northamptons is really pretty impenetrable jungle (and private land encased in a barbed wire fence).

    Again many thanks.

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