5th Gloucestershire Regiment 5183116 Sgt W J Newman

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    I am currently undertaking some research into 5183116 Sgt/Cpl William John Newman who served with the 5th Gloucestershire Regiment in France/Belgium in 1940. He was Mentioned in Despatches (LG 20 December 1940) "...in recognition of distinguished service in connection with operations in the field March-June 1940."

    William later served with 43rd Recce Regiment.

    I have managed to trace mentions of him in the local newspapers for March 1945 when he is noted as being as living at 50 Stanway Road, Gloucester.

    Does anyone have the War Diary for the 5th Gloucesterhire Regiment fo the relevant period?
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    Thank you for your post. I will follow this up .
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    Closest enlistment dates I have noted:
    5183052 enlisted 20th June 1935
    5183243 enlisted 4th Bn 17th Feb 1936
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