5th battalion, Buffs. Tunisia. 1942.

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    Hi WW2talk.
    My Grand-Uncle, Hedley Alexander Hyman
    Was in the Buffs, 5th battalion. Service no.
    6288881. From this number, I thought at first that he was in France, but I didn't see him on rolls from 1940. Perhaps he enlisted after the BEF came home, prior to Torch. If anyone has any way of finding out? I live in ireland so I don't have easy access to records.
    Hedley died on Dec. 21, 1942. We don't have any more details, only that he is listed on the Medjez memorial.
    Any info to fill out the details of this young man's life would be precious. He married in 1939, at 19. I thought maybe he enlisted after that.
    Thank you in advance
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    Service Number 6288881

    Died 21/12/1942

    Aged 23

    5th Bn.
    The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)

    Son of Albert and Phoebe Hyman; husband of Sylvia Hyman, of Ashford, Middlesex. His brother, Pte. G. W. Hyman, fell in the 1914-1918 War.

    Obtain his service record - Request records of deceased service personnel - GOV.UK

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    Thank you TD, I'll work on it
  4. Drew5233

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    Definitely get his records if you are trying to identify if he was with the 5th Bn in France.

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