5770306 PTE Joseph English 2nd Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment 1940

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  1. Hello
    I am researching my Great Uncle Joseph English 5770306 who served with the Royal Norfolk Regiment 2nd battalion and was killed between the 27th May and 1st June 1940. I don't think he was part of the Massacre at Le Paradis as his name isn't listed as one of the soldiers killed and he is buried a few miles down the road
    in Hinges Community cemetery. I have some very interesting photographs of him. i have attached a photo, he is the one seated and was wondering if there was any other information i can find on him anywhere.
    Many thanks in advance

    Scan 1.jpg
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    do you have his service records
    Get a copy of military service records
    you wont find them anywhere else on line
    You require the war diaries and a couple of members offer a copy service at Kew for a reasonable fee
    Plus we has a resident expert who will be along soon to offer more advice

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    Note that service number in title is incorrect.

    Casualty Details | CWGC

    If you are interested in following his service then, as mentioned by Clive above and the advice previously given you should apply for service records as this is the only way.

    Casualty list No 247 dated 5 July 40 - Listed "Missing", date not reported.

    Casualty list No 577 dated 29 July 41 - Listed "Died", date not reported. "as killed" is handwritten on entry, as it is with others of the 2nd Norfolks, Speculation on my part perhaps this is assumed killed.

    Casualty list No 648 dated 21 October 41 - Listed "Died", date 27/5 - 1/6/40
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    Good spot. I have edited the number in the title.
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