570 Squadron - June 1944 Squadron Photograph

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    570 squadron photograph taken before D-Day, has been annotated with the help of Arnhem Pilot book and the Squadron's Battle Order from the squadron diary. Most of the five men crews are next to one another, crews divided by = sign. The second row is mixed, so there is a mix of bold, italics to denote who is in which crew. Also included are those that were killed in action.

    Back Row: Sgt. H. Jacques, F/S. N.H. Paynton, F/S. R.W.H. Narramore, F/S. J.L. Giles, F/S. B.C. Wootton,= F/S. J. Dolan, F/S. E.L. Mack, F/O. R.P. Merritt, W/O. E. Wright, F/S. T.W. Sedman,=Sgt. J.W. Chadwick, F/S. A.A. Stratford, F/S. R.D. Marshall, F/S. J. Egerton, Sgt. E.W. Ward,= F/S. N.T. Whitehouse, F/O. L.E.E. Swales, F/S. N.J. Kirkman, W/O. W.H. Lash, F/S. D.E. Hewlings=F/S. J. Kempton, F/O. V.C. Keay, W/O. T. Balmer, F/S. E.C. Blight, F/S. J.P. Archer

    Sixth Row: F/O. D.E. Belt (KIA 29/7/44), F/S. M.A. Murphy (KIA 29/7/44), P/O. D. Robson (KIA 29/7/44), P/O. A.W.W. Nipper (KIA 29/7/44), W/O. L.W.L. Hambrooke (KIA 29/7/44)= Sgt. H.J. Meech, F/S. W.G.G. Hudson, P/O. F.V. Houlgate, Sgt. W.J. Eames, F/S. E.G. Whittle, F/O. E.F. Siegel, F/S. M. Frieman, F/O. H.W. MacDonald, P/O. F.A.J. Gore, Sgt. R.W.C. Hull,= Sgt. H.W. Klatt, F/O. J.W. Bradstock, F/O. F.J. Mortimer/ore, Sgt. J. Marcham, Sgt. P. Robertson,=Sgt. C. Flannigan, F/O. J.E. Brough, F/O. G.A. Mombrun (26/4/45), Sgt. R.F. Rawlings, Sgt. K.E. Johnson (24/3/45)

    Fifth Row: F/S. A.J. McNeil, F/O. D.F. Harris, F/O. D.M. Campbell, Sgt. E. Davies, P/O. Lord Decies,=W/O. R.C. Cuthbert, W/O. G.L. Clotworthy, F/O. F.R. Spafford, P/O. I.G. Tubman, F/S. H.G.W. Brown,=F/O. D.H. Akinson (23/9/44), P/O. E.C. Brown (23/9/44), P/O. W. Kirkham (KIA 23/9/44), F/O. M. Hand (KIA 23/9/44), F/S. G. Wood,=F/S. G. John, F/S. R.J. Bagnall, F/O. B.S. Murphy, Sgt. A.N. Hilborn, Sgt. D.G. Spain,= F/S. N.C. Tidswell, F/S. S.H. Boddy, F/O. G.E.M. Fisher, F/S. A.J. Laurie, F/O. K.S. Rasheed

    Fourth Row: P/O. E.J. Cleveland, F/O. N.J. Ingram, F/O. D.M. Matheson, P/O. J.G. Edwards, F/O. E.F. Dunn,= P/O. E.A. Oxford, F/O. W.E. Bradley, F/O. A. Hudson, F/S. T.N.G. Linton, Sgt. P.A. Thomson,= F/S. E. Wright, F/O. T.W. Cass, F/O. J.A.C. Rodgers, Sgt. E. Marshall, Sgt. A.H. Leon, F/O.,= F/O. F. Waldron, F/O. H.W. Leach, F/L. D.F. Liddle, F/S. T. Hainey, Sgt. D.T. Stevens,= F/O. F.W. Hales, F/S. H. Wood, F/L. S.F. Maunder (25/8/44), F/S. J.G. Humphrey/Humphries, F/S. H.T.M. Powell,=

    Third Row: F/O. E. Udall, P/O. N.R. Town, Lt. R.F. Schalit, W/O. C.R. Stewart, W/O. J.R. Low,= LAC Resoli, LAC Rees, LAC Nicholson, AC1 Poole, LAC Ford, Cpl. Robinson, Sgt. Pritchard, F/O. Marin, F/O. Hallowell, F/L. Cowley, Sgt. Asprey, LAC Jerray, LACW. Rainsford, LAC. Kirk, LAC. Arthur,= F/S. F. Dixon, F/O. A.L. Lodde, F/O. C.D. Lawson, F/O. F.G. Berg, F/S. C.J. Curtis,

    Second Row: F/O. G.D. Fou/Hourie, F/O. A.C. Fewster,F/L. D.S.C. Brierly, W/O. G.R. Foster, W/O. R.C. Hillebrandt,= F/O. W.J. Arnot, F/O. H.W. Hill, W/O. J.B.A. Dawson, P/O. D.M. Spencer,= F/Lt. E.C. Wood, F/Lt. C.O. Evans, S/Ldr. J.R. Grice, W/O. R.J.M. Bangay, S/Ldr. J. Stewart, F/Lt. J.G. Walters, F/Lt. A.D. Scott, =F/O. J.A. Weston, F/O. F.G.D. Wilkinson, P/O. R.F. Clarke, F/S. A.D. Grice,= F/O. R.C. Booth (KIA 23/9/44), F/O. J. Dickson (KIA 23/9/44), F/L/ T.M. Gay, W/O. F.G. Totterdell (KIA 23/9/44), Sgt. D.J. Blencowe (KIA 23/9/44).

    First Row: F/S. E.P. Pope (KIA 18/9/44), W/O. J.D. Baker (KIA 18/9/44), F/S. C.W. Culling (KIA 18/9/44), Sgt. H.E. Browne (KIA 18/9/44), W/O. G.S.C. Bell (KIA 18/9/44),= Sgt. M.T. McKeown, F/O. W.G. Hunt, Sgt. L.H. Williams, Sgt. C. Mellor, Sgt. J. McAulay,= Sgt. H.D. Cherrington, F/O. F. Foster, F/S. A.F. Parker, Sgt. R.G. Hales, Sgt. P. McCann,= Sgt. H. Fletcher, F/S/ R.L. Huckfield, F/S. E.D. Hincks, Sgt. J.P. Smith, Sgt. N.J. Garnham

    Also a close up photograph of Bob "Tex" Schalit

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