52nd Lowland Division

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    I'm searching some infos about equipment and order of battle of the 52nd for Operation Market-Garden.
    I already know that the airlift planes had to be C-47 and like the others airborne formations the division had a seaborne tail but with this thread (Seaborne Tail? | WW2Talk) come to me some questions.

    1)The 7th Battalion, Manchester Regiment (MMG Battalion) was mainly equipped with Universal Carrier for transport so did they replace them with Jeeps ? (Same question for the Support Company of the Infantry Battalions)

    2)A big part of the divisional artillery was planned to be airlifted but what types of artillery tractors, AT guns, AA guns and Field guns are airportable ?

    3)And finally should the 52nd had to arrived before or after the junction between 1st Airborne Division and XXXth Corps ?

    Thanks by advance for the answers !!
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    Dunno. Sorry. Seen Mountain and Flood? I'm doing a bit of 52 Div later in the war and 7 Mancs seem to be jeeps not carriers, but that's just going by the odd mention of jeeps in the diary but no mention of carriers. The seaborne tail would have had to wait for 30 Corps to reach air landing element had it been deployed.
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    Thanks a lot you already answers the half of my questions but I keep searching for the divisional artillery. Also I have seen somewhere that half of the 54th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA fought during Normandy Campaign and meet with the division in Netherlands but not totally sure.

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