52nd Lowland Division "Churchill's Hooded Butchers"

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    Dad was in the 7th Cameronians at Alpon, and whilst he never mentioned any such specific incidents I think the memory of the Malmedy massacre might have seen a general tougher attitude towards POWs throughout allied troops.
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    Was Malmedy widely known in the ranks at that time? Most of the accounts I have read from the 52nd during that time, it seemed to stem more from intolerance of them refusing to give up. Those that surrendered did not get treated badly other than taking valuables. Once into Germany everything sounded as if it was fair game.

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    Dad never mentioned anything about how POWs were treated or when he first heard of Malmedy, but I’m sure that they took no chances by that stage of the war, with an end in sight. I do remember him saying they were very wary of the large numbers of ‘displaced persons’ they had to deal with after Germany’s surrender. Dad stressed that It was widely decided, that having survived the previous six months, no one was going to take a chance getting shot by a displaced person.
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