52nd Light A.A. REgiment R.A. (T.A)

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    Usual question regarding movements and batteries 1940 - 1942 please.
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    They were in France until May/June 1940

    Here's the war diaries you would need to find the info:

    WO 169/327 Royal Artillery: 52 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment 1940 Aug.- Dec.

    WO 169/1640 52 Light Anti-Aircraft (LAA) Regiment 1941 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 169/4893 52 Light Anti-Aircraft (LAA) Regiment 1942 Jan.- Dec.
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    Thanks Drew.
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    52nd (East Lancashire) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
    HQ, 155th (East Lancashire) Bty: Burnley
    154th (East Lancashire) Bty: Church
    156th (East Lancashire) Bty: Clitheroe

    The regiment served under I Corps in France and Belgium from September 1939 until 31 May 1940. It served under 1st AA Brigade in France. Its role at the start of the campaign on 10 May was to defend the I Corps area and support its withdrawal. It was in action around Tournai on 18 May. It came under command of 42nd Division on 22 May and by 27 May was deployed around Bailleul. It served on the beaches of Dunkirk after that and reformed in the North Midlands on return from Dunkirk.
    The regiment was then sent to Egypt in September 1940. RHQ and 156th Battery moved to Crete in December 1940. It also took under command 151st Heavy AA Battery of 51st Heavy AA Regiment. It served in the defence of Crete starting on 20 May. HQ commanded one Troop of 151st Heavy AA Battery, 129th Light AA Battery, 156th Light AA Battery (less two troops), and a section of 7th Australian Light AA Battery in the Suda-Canea Sector. The two other troops of 156th Battery were located in the Maleme-Galatas Sector and the Heraklion Sector.
    154th Battery was sent to Piraeus, Greece in early December 1940. One troop was located in defence of the Larissa airfield at the start of the campaign on 6 April. During the third week of April, the battery withdrew to Eleusis. Later in April, one troop defended the airfields around Argos
    155th Battery was detached to 13th Light AA Regiment under 4th AA Brigade in the Western Desert and moved to Mersa Matruh with it on 30 November 1940. 155th Battery fought at Beda Fomm under 7th Armoured Division on 6 February 1941. After that battle, the battery returned to Egypt and was sent to Greece under HQ 2nd Heavy AA Regiment. It moved to the Aliakmon position on 6 April. During the withdrawal the battery moved back to Larissa and the supported the New Zealanders in their withdrawal along the coast. Later in April, one troop helped defended the Cornith Canal while the rest supported the withdrawal of troops. It later withdrew from Greece with considerable losses. Only 4 officers and 90 men escaped.
    155th Battery returned to become part of 2nd AA Brigade on the canal along with a new 100th Battery of the regiment. These batteries served there in October 1941. 154th and 156th Batteries were disbanded in the Middle East on 1 July 1941. The regiment remained in Egypt. In January 1943, the regiment was under 18th AA Brigade from Alexandria to Mersa Matruh with 195th Battery. 224th Battery was under command of 2nd AA Brigade at Tripoli and 100th Battery was under 21st AA Brigade at Suez. It was still in the same location in May 1943, except 100th Battery, which moved to 17th AA Brigade in Tobruk.
    The regiment landed at Salerno on 9 September 1943 under 12th AA Brigade and served under this brigade with 8th Army until the end of the campaign. 195th Battery joined on 27 October 1943.
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    Thank you David.

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus


    I've got their complete War Diary covering the entire war if you're looking for anything specific (plus that of my own personal interest - 155 Bty). Also some personal anecdotes and memoires.

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    Thanks, I'll bear that in mind.
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    Do you have a more precise date than September 1940 for the arrival of 154, 155 & 156 Btys in Egypt?
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    Hi Guys I'm a Newbie at this very interested in 156Bty52LAA RA. My father was a Clitheroe lad enlisted at 18 1939 - 1945.

    He was in France/Belgium, Bray Dunes he used his Bofors Tractor to help build a jetty his was the last vehicle in the line and got away with dry feet!! Left from Greenock via Cape Town to Egypt. To Crete was at Suda Bay and Maleme Airfield during the invasion, walked over White mountains to Sfakia escaped walking wounded last ship HMS Pheobe hospitalised Alex. fought at Tripoli, Tobruk, Alamien, Salerno, Cassino then ??????, Ardennes forest B of Bulge, Peace keeping Germany. Home 1946

    Could you please tell me how I find out more details?/ How do I get Regiment Diaries etc.

    yours sincerely

    Richard Sagar
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    Thanks Drew and Bofors
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    Do you have a precise date in September 1940 for the batteries arrival in North Africa please?
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    Hello Chaps, i recently found out that my Great Grandad died on the 26th/27th of April 1941 in the evacuation of greece.

    His name was
    Raymond Lionel Lord.
    Gunner 1467385 of the 154bty 82nd Light Anti Aircraft Regiment of the Royal Artillery

    And this oage was only the mention i could find of the 154 battery... i new to this, so i dont really know what i'm searching for..
    Ive read that nearly 1000 if the allied troops died when the SS Slamat was destroyed by German dive bomber on that night.
    But as Ray was Gunner, i assume he would of been the last to leave, and would of been protecting the boughts and men from enemy fire.. i was really interested to read on this page, that they helped defend runways etc...

    And would love to know more of what they got up to. My dad was named after Great Grandad Ray, as he died wheny grandmother was a young girl... for my dad to then die motorbike racing when i was young.
    I now run his old engineering business, and have named it in his memory, 'Raysons Exhausts'.

    I look forward to hearing your replies. If you have any, and wether this is of interest to any one, it may help to put a face to one of the stories.

    Ben @ Raysons Exhausts
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    Hi Dave

    I’m looking for more information about William Douglas Stenning of Kirdford West Sussex 1515791 155 Bty 52 Lt A.A. Regiment.
    He died 12th November 1944 and is listed as a POW at no 55 Bussato near Piacenza. He is remembered at Milan War Cemetery.
    I am researching him in connection to our war memorial in the village of Kirdford. Any additional info you could provide would be fantastic

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    My great uncle George W Allan (30797) was a Lance Bombardier with 100 Bty, 52 Lt A.A. Rgt, Royal Artilery. He was killed on 11th March 1944. Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding out the movements of the regiment around that period, please.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi. I am looking for information about 154Bty 52lightAA in Greece 1941 Jan-April. I have the War Diaries 1939 and 1944 But 1941 Jan -June (when they were disbanded) are missing. Can anyone help me with 154Bty operations during this time...???

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