51 Med Rgt. 1943/44 Italy. help please.

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    Hi all

    I have just recieved a booklet that was given to members of the 51 medium regt in 1946. It has a roll of honour with my grandfathers name on.

    It also has the regiments movements during ww2. My grandfather joined up with the regiment sometime between late october 1943-and January 1944 in Italy. I have copied the entries for this period below, can anyone tell me what i should be researching to find out where he was?. you will have to forgive me as my ww2 knowledge is very bad and a lot of it is jargon to me. I find it hard to follow it? basically i hope to find out where he was, what battles he fought in or anything i can research about it on the internet..

    here is the entry.....................

    15 oct-15 nov 1943.

    U/C 56 (L) div for crossing the river Volturno nr Capua. capture of Sparanise, breaking of the Barbara line in the area of Roccamonfina, the first battle of Monte Camino.

    15 Nov 1943.

    Moved to join 5 corps of 8th army on east coast, Italy.

    18 Nov 1943.

    Arrived Castel Bordino U/C 1 AGRA in sp 8th Ind div for opening of battle of the Sangro.

    27 Nov 1943.

    Left 8th army to rejoin 5th army.

    30 Nov 1943.

    Re-occupied same positions U/C 56 (L) div with 10 corps of 5th army.

    5 Dec 1943.

    2nd battle of Monte Camino.

    12 Dec 1943.

    Moved fwd to Roccamonfina.

    16 Dec 1943.

    Moved with 56 (L) div to quiet coast sector at Sessa Aurunca.

    22 Dec 1943.

    sp commando landing at mouth of Garigliano, from positions nr. Cellole.

    17 Jan 1944.

    Battle of the Garigliano, U/C 56 (L) div from positions 215 Bty nr. Lauro, RHQ and 240 Bty nr. Rongolise. Also sp 23 Armd Bde.

    The next entry is 4th feb 1944.

    My grandfather died on 25th Jan 1944 and is buried at Minturno Cemetery.

    Can anyone give me any ideas about anything please?

    Many thanks.


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