50th Division At Bay by B.S. Barnes

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    I have been reading the newly published '50th At Bay' by B.S. Barnes which was recommended to me by Mel Junior from these very pages. I have had it on order for a while but my copy has only just arrived.
    The book covers the history of the celebrated 50th (Northumbrian) Division from 1939 and the Phoney War through the desperate Battle of France, Dunkirk, Defensive activity on the South Coast, shipping to the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, The Western Desert, up to September 1942.

    The book is a thrilling and constantly informative read. It intersperses knowledgeable and clear descriptions of events, interspersed with the recollections of the survivors, expressed superbly in their own North Eastern and Yorkshire dialects. This book is a fine tribute to the men who served in the 50th.

    My wife's grandfather Driver Rowland Thompson Marshall was in the 50th Division Signals and was killed in action during the Gazala Gallop in June 1942. I was hoping for something about the Signals in it, but it focuses squarely on the experiences of the infantry.

    I don't think I have ever read a more informative and moving account of Dunkirk.

    Despite some of the spelling and grammar being a bit astray the book is a real gem. It tells the story in a much more easily understandable way than many thick volumes on World War 2 that I have read. It has 256 pages and includes many photographs.

    I found this to be an excellent book. I cannot recommend it too highly.
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