4th ksli 1945-1947

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    Hi all,
    I am looking to piece together the movements of my late father during his time in the above regiment.
    I have his military service document's and it states he joined the 4th batt on the 5-3-45 and was wounded on the 19-4-45 (GSW), then on discharge rejoined the regiment on the 19-6-45 untill the 16-1-47. ( He was then transfered to the 1st Royal Norfolk Reg.)
    Could anyone help with movements of this reg and under who's over all command it came under, as I wish to follow the route he took, ending in Germany (BOAR).

    tia jeff.
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    Hi Jeff - in my recently published book Theirs the Strife, I cover in some detail 4 KSLI's involvement in the advance from the River Weser to the River Aller and the subsequent battle for the Essel bridgehead. The timespan I cover is 8 - 14 April, so ends a few days before your father was wounded.

    The best book that I can advise is Maj 'Ned' Thornburn's 'After Antwerp – The Long Haul to Victory' (Shrewsbury: 4th King’s Shropshire Light Infantry Museum Trust, 1993).

    Best of luck with your research.

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    https://britisharmyingermany.com/infantry-battalions/ use this page then select the links to show locations of the Regiments

    This website was created by Historic Steve

    4th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry – 159th Infantry Brigade
    15 Jun 46 – 157th Infantry Brigade
    27 Jan 47 – disbanded

    1st Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment – 185th Infantry Brigade
    18 Aug 45 – 71st Infantry Brigade
    24 Mar 46 – 160th (South Wales) Infantry Brigade
    1 Apr 46 – 131st Lorried Infantry Brigade
    31 Dec 46 – 31st Infantry Brigade
    15 Mar 47 – 31st Lorried Infantry Brigade
    5 Nov 47 – British Troops Berlin

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    Thank you gentlemen,
    for your quick responce, you have been most helpfull, and I can now follow this information up and get a better and more clearer idea of my father;s military service. I do know that he said that he was billited in some SS barrack while in germany, so I will try and see if I can find it.

    once again many thank's
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