460 Sqn 12th/13th June 1943 HELP needed

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  1. Hi there,

    I am researching for a friend and she has a Edward Hunter Bond (b:1920) who was a Pilot Officer (Wireless Operative/Air Gunner) (number 149049) in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 460 squadron, an Austrailian Squadron (Avro Lancasters). He was killed in action on Sunday June 13 1943 when the Lancaster Mark I W4329 AR-K was lost near Dortmund, Germany. He is buried in plot 3.E.8 in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfallen, Germany.

    I am looking for any information, specifically military records as I cannot seem to find any enlistment papers (although one appeared to denote he enlisted in Enfield) and any details of the raid/mission and how the plane was downed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    International Bomber Command Centre
    Post war examination of German documents record that the aircraft crashed at 0215 hours on 13th June 1943 near Bocham, Kornharpen. All the crew were killed and are interned in Reichwald Forest war Cemetery, Cleves, Germany.


    Aircraft accidents in Yorkshire.
    Seems in Dec 1942 it was damaged on another raid -

    Lancaster W4329 damaged by enemy aircraft, returned to Breighton airfield
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    Can't really help I'm afraid, but... If you also have an NCO's service number for him (many men were commissioned from the ranks during their service), it would be possible to identify a broad date and place of enlistment. Not sure about officers' numbers though.

    You could apply for his service record via the MOD, though there's a £30 fee and if not NOK I believe you'll get an abridged (but still useful) version.

    Good luck. Pat
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    If the person died more than 25 years ago you get complete records

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    Aha, thanks for the clarification! I should perhaps add, then, that there might still not be all that much more than his movement records, though they can be illuminating of course.

    Cheers, Pat
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    1380100 Sgt Edward Hunter Bond commissioned Pilot Officer 27 May 1943. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/36161/page/3975/data.pdf

    NCO number indicates an enlistment at Euston sometime between August 1940 and March 1941.

    The A705 Casualty Repatriation file for the pilot, 404704 P/O Lloyd Henry Moorehead Hadley, DFC is online

    The subject of your enquiry attended No. 27 OTU, Lichfield. He was on Course No. 22. Pictured 2nd row, far right.

    no. 27 otu, course 22, bond 2nd row far right.png

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