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    Hello All, hope you are keeping healthy and safe. I'm looking for any information on a William Coutt, born 27th May 1917 and I believe he served with the Durham Light Infantry and the 8th army in North Africa and Sicily.
    Any information you can find will be gratefully received. I'm researching for his daughter, herself an RAF veteran.

    Can anyone tell me more about this soldier please? He was born on May 27th 1917. Thanks.

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    Get a copy of military service records

    There is a Pte 4469716 W Coutt, 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, first reported wounded in NW Europe but later revised to 'not a battle casualty'. May or may not be the man, only service records will tell.
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    08/01/42 to 18/08/42 with 17 DLI. Home defence/Training Battalion.

    Part of 206th Independent Infantry Brigade.

    Depart UK 18/08/42

    Middle East

    Arrive ME 24/08/42

    Held in DLI reinforcement pool 24/08/42 to 04/11/42 (X(iv) List)

    Posted 9 DLI 04/11/42 to 18/05/43. Part of 50 Inf Div

    Hospitalized 18/05/43 to 01/06/43. (X(ii) List)

    Back with 9 DLI from 01/06/43 to 28/08/43

    50 Div landed Sicily 10/07/43.

    As he didn’t get Italy Star, this suggests he stayed in ME as part of the battalion rear details/party/depot.

    British North Africa Forces (BNAF)

    28/08/43 to 16/11/43, probably still with rear details/party/depot 9 DLI.

    50th Division arrived back in Britain at Liverpool Docks in early November 1943

    So maybe rear details 9 DLI never went to Sicily or Italy at all and caught up with 50 Div on their return to UK.

    UK again (D-Day workup training)

    16/11/43 to 24/05/44 still with 9 DLI (with 50 DIv)

    Hospitalized again 24/05/44 to 01/06/44

    Back with 9 DLI again from 01/06/44 to 13/06/44

    50 Div landed Normandy 06/06/44

    Hospitalized again 13/06/44 to 08/07/44

    9 DLi rear details from 08/07/44 to 18/10/44 when he is put on "Y Reserve" (not active) List.

    The army releases him on 10/12/44 as he is too sick for active service.

    He was spending a lot of time in hospitals, maybe the Battalion felt he was more use in the rear echelons that would explain why the Battalion was in NWE and he was still in UK. This would also explain why he wasn’t awarded a France and Germany Star.

    He was busted to Private after a Court Martial in 10/01/44

    Hope this helps


    RAF Vet too.
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    Thanks so much! I'll pass this onto his daughter.

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