43 Recce -The Wyvern of Wessex and Their Armored Cars

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    This article is from Armored Car, The Wheeled Fighting Vehicle Journal No. 32, December 1995 by M. McKewan Charlish.

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    Saw this pennant in The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum today.

    43 Recce pennant.jpg
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    Humber IV Armoured Car?

    Recce_Mitch - I obtained the photographs below from a local from Gendringen, showing a knocked out Humber IV near his village. I believe this is the Humber IV of no.1 Troop 'A' Sqn of the 43rd Recce which was knocked out on a Recce mission on 29 March, by a German AT-gun positioned on the edge of the village of Gendringen. The Troop leader, Major Jackson, was unhurt, but the two other crew-members were injured (Record of a Recce Regt - p.190)
    zwanenburgseweg.jpg 13. AC 43e Recce Gendringen.jpg
    The wreckage remained behind, pushed into the roadside it served as a children's play ground after the war. Later it was moved to the area of the old cemetery near the center of the village (second picture).


    Can you please confirm that the Humber IV was used as a Heavy Armoured Car by 43rd Recce at the time. I also wonder if you have more details of the actions of 'B' Squadron for the period of 28 - 30 March 1945 (near Megchelen); maybe the War Diary of 43rd Recce.

    This action took place just after the Rhine Crossing: RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew')
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    Stolpi if you send me your email I can send you March 1945.
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    PM sent

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