4/15 Punjab Regiment 1944 and 1945

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  1. marment

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    Hello -knew George was my godfather-found this went to his Funeral with my father Arthur Marment who was in the 4/15.George was a great man and a fine godfather.
    all the best
  2. Skoyen89

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    Hi Marment
    Thanks for posting. It is amazing that George was your god-father! I know of your father through my research. I'd really like to get in contact off-line if possible so I'll start a 'conversation' with you on this site and send you my email etc. Is that OK?
  3. marment

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    fine -great idea thankyou
  4. Murdo Duncan

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    Hi Dryan and I wonder if there were any Scottish Officers in that 4/15th Punjab Regiment and around the summer of 1943 when 1RWF were leaving the Arakan for India? Is there any way of finding anything out and a long shot I admit?
  5. dryan67

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    There was no regimental history for the 15th Punjab Regiment, which is unusual since there are histories for all the other Indian regiments. The only way to find such detail, such as Scottish officers, would be to obtain the war diaries for the 4th Battalion 15th Punjab Regiment. With the situation at the National Archives (TNA) in terms of limit research times, this could prove to be difficult.
  6. Murdo Duncan

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    I understand Dryan and it was only on the off-chance. I live in Morocco so <will need to wait until we come over for a visit whenever that is possible!!!

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